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Amal 276

As much fuel was going on the engine as in the engine. The float chamber was the main problem, needed cleaning for debris & deposits + polishing of float needle valve & seat. The petrol tank was emptied and cleaned. Small holes in petrol filters were fixed. Petrol taps were leaking, polishing the internal surfaces helped. All carburettor mounting surfaces were polished and all sealing washers changed. Result? Dry & good as new. (But I somehow miss the thrilling feeling of fear of suddenly exploding in flames while driving). I use 98 LRP. The 276 is now being remanufactured.

When changing gaskets do not try to make it completely dry the first day. by overtightening\destroying nuts & bolts, tighten quite good, then during the next days gradually retighten a few times -the washers will form themselves perfectly to the surfaces. If the surfaces are really bad they may need some flattening\filing\polishing.

Nice view. Main jet 170, needle jet 0.108, needle pos. 2
(Nearly a pity to put it back together! Patience & Autosol were the main tools)

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276 Setup & Service