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A10 Clutch (we apologise for the horrible background)

This is the "old" clutch design. The clutch has been fine for a long time, but dismantling revealed the need for some new parts. The springs where changed as they had uneven tension. Friction plates were on the edge of their useful life, and there had been some oil leaking due to worn outer cover gasket. While the clutch is out, check or  replace seals\gaskets at the primary chaincase at the back of the clutch.

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Bearing, Sprocket & Slots

Check bearings carefully, replace if any doubt. Check sprocket teeth. Slots needed some filing work to remove indentations. Be careful to keep the slots square. If the indentations are really deep, a new clutch chainwheel and\or innerdrum may be the only practical remedy.

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Plain-& Frictionplates

Check plates for warping, they should be perfectly flat. Clean away all traces of oil. Measure friction material thickness. If in any doubt, replace the plates, which was done in this case. If no replacement is necessary, carefully dress edges of both plain & friction plate with a good file. When reassembling, remember to put the thickest plain plate back in first. The push rod should be perfectly straight, and put a small amount of grease on the tip. Spring tension should be even, turn the tensioners until the threads are even with the top of the adjusting nuts. Check clutch action with the  kick. Replace all gaskets with new ones.