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Title: NZ rally bike
Post by: olev on 14.04. 2009 12:26
Were people looking to get a bike for the NZ rally next year?
Here is a slightly modified A10 that might do the trick, complete with interesting accessory.
Title: Re: NZ rally bike
Post by: fido on 14.04. 2009 17:38
Tasty but pricey. I've looked at that site before to look for a bike. It looks like I could not register with the site though, being outwith NZ or Aus. If I buy a bike for the event it probably won't be a BSA anyway, unless I could get a known bike from within the BSA club. If they are properly built, BSAs are very reliable machines but you are always taking a gamble on the competence of the restorer. Something like an '80s or '90s Japanese bike or a BMW would do me and if people criticize me for not being on a BSA it will be water off a ducks back  ;)