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Title: A-7 Banjo Fitting.
Post by: shootingstar on 12.12. 2015 20:08

New member here, first of all, many thanks for the opportunity to join the forum and website. I have been a reader for many years now, and have learned considerable things about these great motorcycles!. My question is, can anyone tell me the correct and optimal position of the banjo fitting on the oil tank that leads to the rockers? I have several of these motorcycles and all of them are different. Also, is there a fibre washer on both sides of it, some have said a copper annealed washer on one side. This particular motorcycle is a 1956 A7 Shooting Star. Close to being finished, and just wondering. Once again, many thanks.   
Title: Re: A-7 Banjo Fitting.
Post by: morris on 12.12. 2015 20:54
Hi and  *welcome*

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To reply to your question, if it's a swingarm model, the smaller side of the banjo goes towards the oil tank.
I use two crushable copper washers and they seem to do the job pretty well.
Title: Re: A-7 Banjo Fitting.
Post by: Viking on 15.12. 2015 20:25

I use cu washers, and they are oil tight....