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Title: A7A10 book?
Post by: Greybeard on 18.01. 2016 12:28
I've been pondering the fact that we don't see many young members on here and that a lot of our experience and knowledge may disapear over the next few decades.
With all of the wisdom on this amazing forum someone, (not me) should collate all of these tips into a book or even an online A7A10 Wikipedia. I know there is a Wiki, (hosted by our Admin I think) but that's a scan of a workshop manual; it's very useful, (for that vintage of bike) but as far as I know people cannot add to or amend it.
Anyone up for a very time consuming job?  *computer*

I suppose that as long as the forum archive is still on-line, the next generation of owners should be able to trawl through our mutterings to solve their problems.
Title: Re: A7A10 book?
Post by: terryg on 18.01. 2016 13:04
GB, I think it's a great idea but a huge amount of work in order to achieve the right result.  To 'spread the load', some of our more prolific contributors might be prepared to put forward articles (based for example on some of the longer posts) on specific topics. I'm thinking of a 'bottom end', article, or chapter maybe. Also 'magneto' or perhaps ignition in general, wiring, frame, suspension, stripping for refinishing etc. All those aspects that chew up time when you first get your bike, or try your first bit of restoration.
A good place to start would be the basic structure, or contents list.
The 'guide' could, as you suggest, evolve as the forum's own Wiki.
Plagiarising content from other places would need control, to avoid copyright issues, with necessary permissions being obtained.

Interested to see if a volunteer steps forward!
Title: Re: A7A10 book?
Post by: Greybeard on 18.01. 2016 15:22
A lot of generic restoration tips are already out there. The information that needs storing is the stuff that's specific to these machines.
Title: Re: A7A10 book?
Post by: bsa-bill on 18.01. 2016 15:49
Think that was the intention GB
 yep a tremendous undertaken and one that has crossed my mind at times but just not enough time these days, I would suggest though that any who fancy it get together and divide the work up into different categories to lessen the load