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Title: horn
Post by: rocket man on 26.04. 2009 20:15
hi again all whent to stafford on saturday had a great day picked a horn up for 25 quid original lucas one
what a bargen i needed a bracket for it whent to bantem johns and said i had then horn with me
so she started looking on the stalls for one she said they had three ove them
eany way when she found one she said out loud get your horn out i didint know where to look
also steve was with us he wanted a headlamp for his mate we found the stall and he said to the
bloke take swich he said no we dont sell that on its own ha ha ha
eany way here is a pic ove my girl comp with horn
Title: Re: horn
Post by: tombeau on 26.04. 2009 21:02
I envy you. Happy memories of raking through boxes of old rusty tat.