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Title: Today 1970
Post by: Topdad on 16.02. 2016 14:46
It's 46 yrs since Hugh Caswell Tremenheere Dowding passed away ,savior of this country along with his beloved Fighter Command , we owe such a debt to this great far thinking gentleman, RIP
Title: Re: Today 1970
Post by: a10gf on 16.02. 2016 21:04
Looked it up on,_1st_Baron_Dowding
Very good.
Title: Re: Today 1970
Post by: bsa-bill on 16.02. 2016 22:13
This is he - Headquarters Royal Observer Corps first came to RAF Bentley Priory in July 1936, along with Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, who had been appointed AOC-in-C of the newly formed Fighter Command and of which the Observer Corps was to play an integral part.

 I served as a volunteer in the Royal Observer Corps for 34 years until it was stood down in 1992/93