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Title: Pistons for a 53 A7 Star Twin
Post by: ChesterA7 on 01.03. 2016 19:15
Hi All,
I'm looking to buy a pair of 8:1 CR +0.60 Pistons for my Star Twin. There seems to be loads on the market, at varying prices, but I have heard some mixed reports about some manufacturers.
I'd just like a bit of advice and possibly pointing in the direction of a decent supplier. Any information you can give me will be very gratefully received.
Title: Re: Pistons for a 53 A7 Star Twin
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 05.03. 2016 11:14
I use JP pistons usually because he is just down the road ( sort of ) and only just behind Sydney time.
I have never had any problem with any of his pistons, apart from the weight. Std and 1st oversize are a tad heavier than standard.
However the rings he sends with them are total crap and should be put on evilbay at a cheap price immediatly and never installed in an engine.
They just will not seal no matter what you do.
I have a suspicion they are either malliable iron or steel but as I no longer have access to the lab will never know.