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Title: Stop/Fail LED
Post by: duTch on 10.04. 2016 00:25
  Yes, I did mean stop/FAIL; just for information if anyone has a fail, it can possibly be fixed.

A couple of months ago, I installed a LED side/city light, and LED stop tail (6V, -ve earth).

 The tail light looked a bit dim in the daylight, but ok in dark, figured that is normal.

 When out I often check the lights working but other night coming back from somewhere, no tail light *conf*

 When I got home, tried first option- give it a tap, and it flickered. OK it has life.

 I figured it must be the contacts in the holder, so built them up with solder, and when I put the bulb in it seemed loose, turned out the LED unit had separated from the base.
 I resoldered it, but still no joy. *work*
Turned out that the resistor tail inside had broken off from the 4 pole chip. Jaycar didn't have a 7.5Ω, so used two 15's in parallel....all is now hunky-dory, and as bright as I'd initially expected in the daylight. *smile*
 (fyi- The resistor in shot is the brake one, it's 1Ω, and the diode isn't burned, just some dust on it.)

Title: Re: Stop/Fail LED
Post by: Greybeard on 10.04. 2016 09:04
Well done!
I love fixing things that weren't designed to be fixed. *evil*
Title: Re: Stop/Fail LED
Post by: duTch on 27.02. 2017 11:26

 ...... well a bit of a belated update on this one; Had a good yarn (but a bit longer than intended) on the cellophone with Juddy, and in the midst remembered this episode that I've been meaning to update but had almost forgotten having figured I'd get some mileage first, so ; the re-solder shat itself fairly quickly, so I re-did it a bit more substantially and put some heat-shrink over the join to hold it in place if it lets go again- and that was near a year ago and hangin' in there thus far. ie;so far, so good.

 Point to note; The 12 volt ones are a bit different inside, with a different more complicated chippy thing *eek*
Title: Re: Stop/Fail LED
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 28.02. 2017 00:55
I gave up on those replacement globe LED's some time ago for the same reason as yours.
The internal soldering just kept on breaking then the cap came loose, this one was glues so it got some sikka fix.
then the bulb holder bent & let go cause the LED is a lot heavier than a normal globe.
Changed over to a board and have never had a spot of trouble with them.

On the 12V I have some of the original bulbsthatlast4ever boards and they are excellent ( mind you for the price they would want to be )
Tried 5 different replacement globes on the rear and all have failed miserably so bought the board from Groffy and happy as a pig in poo.