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Title: Leaking forks
Post by: Tone on 06.05. 2009 22:03
Hi All, I have tried new fibre washers, new screws, with and without sealant but I can't stop the drain plugs from leaking on my forks any ideas?
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: LJ. on 06.05. 2009 22:32
Doesn't sound good...  *sad2* my drain plugs/screws leak too and really need to get round to sorting it out. Not sure what to say but i'll be watching this thread... Hope you get some positive ideas.
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: MikeN on 07.05. 2009 12:23
I use loctite 577 thread sealant on my forks plugs which is magic stuff. I also use it on airlines and the model live-steam boilers and engines  that I build that work on 100PSI .But it will take loads more pressure than that.Easy to unscrew when you need to and it seals in seconds.
  Your local bearing supplier in your town should be able to get it for you.Also use it for g/box and sump plugs and on my car.Ive also used it when doing plumbing in my house.
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: a10gf on 07.05. 2009 18:15
Agree about the loctite magic, If threads and all else are ok, using one of the thread lock\sealers should fix it. My favorite is the 243 (blue), withstands petrol, oil and anything else thrown at it. Just be sure to clean away any oil before applying, and give it min. 1 hour for curing.
Easy enough to unscrew without damaging anything.

Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: Tone on 07.05. 2009 20:46
Thanks guys I'll give that a go.
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: Richard on 17.05. 2009 11:11
I had what I thought was a leak on one fork leg from the drain plug and duly replaced the fibre washer and filled up the fork leg to the correct level, however I had not cured the leak. Whilst talking to a friend he said that more than likely it was coming from the fork seal as the oil in the fork leg would be up to that level, now I was not sure about that but when I got back home I cleaned the forks from all traces of oil and when I rechecked the bike several days later sure enough there was oil on the rim again and it was running down from the fork oil seal, so have a look and see if that is your problem also
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: MikeN on 17.05. 2009 15:47
And put some loctite there too.
Title: Re: Leaking forks
Post by: A10Boy on 17.05. 2009 21:04
They sometimes leak where the seal holder screws to the fork leg. The old way was to wind some hemp around it then screw up. I use blue hylomar it seems to work ok.