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Title: Mortality.
Post by: kiwipom on 31.05. 2016 22:54
hi guys, this advert on `Trade me`nz. almost brought tears to my eyes, cheers.
..Dad's BSA Golden Flash. Sold as part of his deceased estate. He owned the bike longer than he owned me...over 45 years. Not ridden for most of that time, always stored inside.
Title: Re: Mortality.
Post by: RichardL on 31.05. 2016 23:10
Yes, that's hard to see. Too bad offspring not interested, just like mine. It seems to me that NZ is not a place where it will be broken for parts, due to the smaller market and shipping costs.

Richard L.
Title: Re: Mortality.
Post by: Angus on 01.06. 2016 09:44
Yes I feel really Lucky that my eldest Luke is in to the BSA's. Although he just had a very minor off on the A7, so every plus has a minus. He was fine and the bike has a few light scuffs. But if you use them I suppose that is the risk you take.
Title: Re: Mortality.
Post by: Topdad on 01.06. 2016 11:33
Nicely spotted Kiwi,  *sad*, Hope someone on the forum out in NZ buys it or knows who buys it , by the way Angus glad your lads ok .