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Title: Side stand angle
Post by: coater87 on 13.06. 2016 23:07
 Here is my problem. Everything for the sidestand was ground off by PO.

 I am going to use a weld on side stand tab with a reproduction  side stand.

 There are no wheels, the frame is bare. I would like to weld this on, then paint. I can see where the original was, but have no idea what angle to weld the stand at and without wheels it would be a complete guess.

 Can anyone think of a way to measure this angle then convey the information in an understandable way ( without one of my own, I don't even know where an accurate measure could be take).

 Thank you for any help,
Title: Re: Side stand angle
Post by: ellis on 14.06. 2016 01:15
Hi coater,

You do not say which bike you have so I will give you the angle of my 1960 swing arm Gold Flash. The angle is 45 degrees and I would imagine most A10s
are of a similar angle.  Hope this helps.   *smile*

Title: Re: Side stand angle
Post by: coater87 on 14.06. 2016 01:38

 Your a life saver.

 It's a 58 flash swing arm, so 45 degrees it will be!

 I will lay a flat bar across the bottom of the  down tubes, and Mark off 45 degrees. Little welding and done.

 Thanks again,
Title: Re: Side stand angle
Post by: coater87 on 24.06. 2016 00:57
 Something is wrong here, and I am sure its another case of garbage after market parts.

 I bought this side stand

 Before I did any brazing (thankfully) I did a few quick checks.

 If you lay the foot of the side stand flat on the ground and measure up to the bottom of the mounting lug (exactly where the bottom of the lower tube would be) its 5 inch clearance. That sounds pretty reasonable, I am not sure what clearance is on a stock A10 with 18 inch tires, but again it sounds reasonable.

 Problem is the angle is nowhere near 45 degrees, I am measuring 32-34 degrees, and that would have a bike with 5 inches of ground clearance standing exactly straight up and down while on the side stand.  At 45 degrees I would have it laying on its opposite side. *sad2*

 Has anyone fitted this stand? If you have, could you maybe measure the mounting angle it works at?



Title: Re: Side stand angle
Post by: duTch on 24.06. 2016 09:03

 Hey coater, it's probably little help, but I just measured my Plunger setup with late A65 kickstand and with the bike balancing vertical, I have ~188mm (I guess that's about 7-1/2" in your antique lingo) and 25º ground /Stand angle.
 With the bike on the stand, the angle is ~ 35º.
  So complementary angles from vertical would be ~65º and 55º (roughly), it was getting dark and I can check again in the morning.

 I guess though it's all academic, as it is dependent on stand length and stuff, I suggest park the scoot balanced vertical on it's wheels and take some measurements and work out what angle you'd like it to park at... *dunno*

 I had a similar dilemma when I made a prop stand for my Gutzzi
Title: Re: Side stand angle
Post by: coater87 on 24.06. 2016 13:31
 Thanks for the reply Dutch.

 I guess what I will end up doing is painting everything, getting it up on wheels (after I get those built), then going back later and breaking paint when I can figure out the right way to mount this and welding it on. Or just use a clamp on, and never really use the side stand.

 I can see now that I should have saved my money trying to get a reproduction stand. They are all crap. I should have just made it myself, no it would not be exactly like the original. But, I know it would not break, bend, or otherwise cause me trouble. I could have made it out of good materials and never had to worry about it. But, live and learn. ;)