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Title: What bike could this be?
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 15.05. 2009 04:27
Hello all

I know this is nothing to do with BSA, but my aunt and I was going through some old family pictures and had come across these pictures of my great uncle, great aunt someone else and great great grandfather.
Now I am currious as to what bike this could be, unfortunatly it isnt clear, but firstly thought it was an AJS, but not sure what it says on the tank, I got a book British Bikes of the 30s and come across a company (more than a few) I never even heard of, as most had went after WWII and think it could be an AES.

If anyone could help me and that would be great as I tried to register to other classic bike forums and most say I have to wait for 72 hours.

Many thanks
Title: Re: What bike could this be?
Post by: Brian on 15.05. 2009 05:34
It does appear to be a "A" on the tank but its not clear. A lot of bikes in that era had twin port heads hence the pipe out the left side but looking carefully at this one I think it may be a twin cylinder motor. The shape of the barrel and the position of it makes me think this. I am thinking one of the very early Triumph twins, I think they were called a 6/5 1 or similar. The shape of the tank also looks like the mid 30's Triumph style.

This is only a guess, you would need someone with a lot more expertise than me to identify it correctly.
Title: Re: What bike could this be?
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 15.05. 2009 11:45
If you look closer at the "A" on the tank you will see that it is the reflection of the photographer.
Dose look like a 30's Twin port single.
Not a BSA with the size of the filler cap and the adjuster on the girders.
I only really know BSA's and I am here to learn some more of the 90% that I don't know
Title: Re: What bike could this be?
Post by: fido on 15.05. 2009 13:07
I wonder if it could be an AJW? In the '30s they did make a bike with a 500cc Rudge engine, which may well have had twin ports as they were an upmarket marque.
Title: Re: What bike could this be?
Post by: coater87 on 15.05. 2009 13:19
 Is that a camera reflection? Or does that kind of look like the Excelsior (sp?) trademark?

 I could be completely off here, but it popped right into my mind.

Title: Re: What bike could this be?
Post by: BSA_54A10 on 16.05. 2009 00:36
It is in a slightly different place in each photo.
Photographer was wearing a white shirt & tie.
To have a bike in the 30's with electric lighting you would need to be reasonable affluent.
The clothing looks a lot more 40's than 30's and the photo was taken in the shade in a lane most likely because the tank was chrome and too reflective to be photographed in the sunlight.
You can just start to make out the painting pattern near the stearing stem.