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Title: general ramblings & sooty plugs.
Post by: olev on 16.05. 2009 12:20

Rio, have a read of the following link. The bit that might help is at the bottom and titled 'Induction Port Obstructions'. A long shot ... but??

Title: Re: general ramblings & sooty plugs.
Post by: flashblack on 31.05. 2009 09:12
Hello Olev,   having read your link above on "inlet port obstruction", i decided to check mine out of interest when i took my carb off to replace a throttle cable the other day. Now, what i found was the drip tray protruding up from the bottom about 1/8", Right into the path of the pilot mixture, so i elongated the mounting holes of the drip tray and dropped it down to give a nice smooth continuous port, also carefully trimming a gasket. Well, considering i was happy with the engine performance before, i was pleasantly surprised to experience quite an increase in performance, the motor is now crisper, smoother, it revs much more freely, acceleration is improved and it has generally been rejuvinated and come alive! Fantastic! I cured a problem i didn`t know i had  *yeah*   

  The power of the forum strikes again!