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Title: kickstart ratchet issue
Post by: oldbikerbill on 03.10. 2016 20:19
My 1953 A10 plunger is having an issue with the kickstart.  When I try to kick it over about half of the time the kick lever goes straight down, as though the ratchet is not engaging.  I took it apart and the quadrant and pinion looked fine.  The ratchet had some minor wear at the very ends of the teeth, but there seems plenty of tooth left to engage the pinion.  I ordered a new ratchet spring, thinking that the old one might not be exerting enough pressure on the pinion but that didn't work.  Could a tiny amount of wear on the corners of the teeth cause this problem or am I missing something? 
Title: Re: kickstart ratchet issue
Post by: morris on 03.10. 2016 22:11
Hi Bill, wear on the pinion and ratchet should make it catch first and then jump out I guess.
If they are worn it could be a costly affair, as you'll need to change the lot (pinion, ratchet and kickstart quadant).
It seems more plausible to me that the pinion gets jammed on the bush, either because it's to tight or to loose.
If there is excessive play on the kickstart shaft/bushes, it may also be that the quadrant pushes the pinion away from the ratchet giving the symptoms you describe.
I suppose you already ruled out the possibility of a slipping clutch? *smile*
Title: Re: kickstart ratchet issue
Post by: oldbikerbill on 03.10. 2016 22:33
That makes sense.  I guess I'll replace the pinion bushing next before forking over for the expensive stuff! I read somewhere that there are more than one size bush.