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Title: Dremel accessories
Post by: BrianS on 19.10. 2016 17:53
Like a lot of people, I am a sucker for the kits that Aldi and Lidl offer. I bought a kit that included what should be a very useful wire brush but, within a few minutes, it shed all of its wires!

Is there a make or brand of accessories that might last a bit longer please?

Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: a10gf on 19.10. 2016 18:22
Are you actually trying to use those things ?? They're not designed for that! only designed to look good (content vs price) in the shop :O)

Seriously and generally, am also having some cheap tools + accesories, incl low price dremel copy, have adjusted to be happy with what may work and accept what fails, it's all in the price. Some are quite fantastic for the price, some fall apart. All in all, am very happy with all the cheap things I've aquired, not good enough for daily work but most lasts (10's of) years of sporadic tasks and doing a great job. And just buying new cheap sets of brushes, drills etc etc as needed.

When something does not behave as intended, I think 'still better than using one's teeths or fingernails' :O)
Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: Greybeard on 19.10. 2016 19:17
If you must use that tiny wire brush to decarbonise an A10 what do you expect!

I also have one of the Aldi kits. I've only used it a couple of times when it did what was required, eventually!

What we both need to know is will genuine Dremel tools fit the Aldi drill?
Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: muskrat on 19.10. 2016 20:05
If only they were made at the BSA factory, they'd last forever.
I have a cheap Ozito (Chinese) tool and used the cheap bit sets. The wire brush would last 5 minutes, the grinding stones would wear out on cheese. The "proper" Dremel (probably out of the same Chinese factory) one's might last 50% longer but cost 200% more. The Ozito has changeable collets to fit 4 different shafts.
Most companies get things made cheaper in China/India/Tiwan but retain their high price to improve profits.
I was surprised to see a mates new Kawasaki was maid in Thailand not Japan *ex*
Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: KiwiGF on 19.10. 2016 20:07
I bought a real dremel with an attachment kit that included the wire brush, this wire brush attachment even tho it's dremel OEM lasted only a few mins, I think maybe they have to used at low speed to survive any time at all.

I think dremel make a lot of money from people using them for a job where they should be using something more like a die grinder  *work*
Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: BrianS on 19.10. 2016 20:21
Responses appreciated! I have thus spent £4.48 on three packs of 10 different brushes from the Far East and do not have high expectations  *eek*
Title: Re: Dremel accessories
Post by: kiwipom on 19.10. 2016 21:59
hi guys, I just use quality brushes with an electric drill, cheers