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Title: An understanding wife
Post by: jachenbach on 31.10. 2016 18:25
Let me start by saying my wife has never objected when I've brought another bike home. Anyway, I've been trying to get rid of an unneeded '84 Dodge pickup for a couple weeks with no reasonable offers. Got an email asking if I'd be interested in trading for a bike. Pictures looked really good, but it's a Honda Shadow 750, and I don't really like cruisers and forward controls. Well, I showed the wife the pics and she said go for it. Takes up less room than the truck and I don't have to plow around it. I put it in the shop and she came down to see it and couldn't believe I got in in trade for the old truck. I figure I could sell it for quite a bit more than I wanted for the truck, but she sat on it and told me don't be in a hurry to get rid of it. Says she just may decide to take up riding again! So now I've got bikes in my shop, my garage, and in two of the neighbor's sheds............and I've been meaning to thin the herd. Last count, including non-running projects, I've got 14 bikes. Is that obsession or addiction? Is there a difference?
Title: Re: An understanding wife
Post by: muskrat on 31.10. 2016 19:04
G'day mate. I'd call it LUCKY.
Title: Re: An understanding wife
Post by: RichardL on 31.10. 2016 20:51
I'd say that running bikes define the "obsession" in you and non-running define the "addiction".

Richard L.
Title: Re: An understanding wife
Post by: cyclobutch on 07.11. 2016 11:14
Nice one. I thought I was going to be able to go for a whole second calendar year since my last purchase, but failed just a couple of weeks ago. A 1981 Morini Camel, imported in ’99. Brings my count back to twelve, and it effectively only has a single seat.

Erk – And most of the fleet seems to be suffering various afflictions at the moment too.