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Title: Got the horn?
Post by: Butch (cb) on 01.03. 2017 12:40
Recently; within the last month or two anyway, there was some dialogue about finding a std horn. I suggested at the time that I might have just such a thing. Unfortunately I’ve lost sight of the thread for that. Also, whilst I have been looking I have yet to turn it up. I removed it from the bike back in ’79 but I thought I’d seen it in a box in the last year or two. So far no luck though.

So apologies to whoever I’d offered it to. If I do turn it up I’ll post under this. If you or anyone else wants it then you can PM me at that point. 
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: AWJD on 08.03. 2017 07:10
Hi cyclobutch

I was the one after the standard horn and am still very interested in getting one if you manage to find it.

Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: gavinoz on 08.03. 2017 18:13
Hi Arthur, In case you cannot arrange the deal, try the website .I have never dealt with him, but the stuff he has looks very interesting and he seems to have a passion for horns. Cheers Gav.
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 20.03. 2017 18:34
Taff, from, was very helpful to me, I have never purchased anything from him though, he's very knowledgeable about horns and there is a long waiting list for his services.

I had a HF1441 horn for the nacelle, found a tacho, top and bottom yokes etc to make it into a twin clock setup and hunted for a HF1234. Ended up finding one on Gumtree and was fully restored. Just keep looking and one will appear.
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: Slippery Sam on 21.03. 2017 08:15
Man I just sold one on ebay a couple of weeks ago (cheap too for a working one!).  Keep your eys open they do come up.  They are quite easy to restore and bits are readily available to make them look good.  It's one of those items, you know they're expensive but once you've played with one you'd never swap it for a cheap copy.
I'll have a rumage and see what I have left over - pretty sure the bits I have left over are not HF1234 bits though.
- OMG - just went on ebay to have a wee look at what was out there - there are loads.  they're all expensive though £120 to £180 and none a partch on the one I sold for half that price!!!  Note to self check out prices better before selling on ebay (or time it better - for coming into spring or something).

good luck on your quest for a horn AWJD
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: terryg on 21.03. 2017 08:49
Taffthehorns really knows his stuff and delivers quality parts and services, including complete genuine Altettes.
I have bought from him and it was a pleasure to pick his brains.
I heard he was the 'go to man' for the National Motorcycle Museum but that needs confirming.
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: Butch (cb) on 21.03. 2017 09:30
Still looking for that 'spare' I claim to have. Took it off the bike in '79 and put it down somewhere ...
Title: Re: Got the horn?
Post by: KiwiGF on 21.03. 2017 09:38
I've a bunch of Altette looking horns bought for very little, I've been meaning to get around to see what's involved in fixing them and making them correct for A10s, probably they are mostly from cars, some 6v some 12v, it seems the parts are available (bezels, dome nuts etc) to make a correct "HF1234" starting with Morris minor horns, but I've yet to work out if this is true or not!

What is "correct" Altette Horn for our bikes I've not established for sure, eg shape of main body, chrome bezel or not (some I've got have alloy bezels that would polish up nicely) special chromed domed nuts or not, bezel diameter, shape of vibrating disc etc, does it vary by year etc. I would be interested to know if anyone out there does  know the correct spec. *smile*.

Car horns are of course generally 12v but this is not a problem when a 12v conversion has been carried out. From what I've heard a 6v horn works fine on 12v but not vice versa.