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Title: RRT Gearbox
Post by: BSAA10 on 15.03. 2017 05:56
What are the correct markings/fonts used on the RRT/RRt2 gearbox. I have seen so many different ones?
Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: JulianS on 15.03. 2017 13:17
I dont think there is any "right" font or spacing. As you say there are so many different ones. The ones I would be suspicious of are those stamped to neatly or on background other that rough cast.

Photos below are from STD T boxes which have passed through my hands. Note different "S" stamp and dot or no dot.  The first one looks almost too perfect. The last one is on my A10 and the "D" is 3/16 inch stamp and the "T" 1/4 inch stamp.
Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: coater87 on 15.03. 2017 15:02
 Absolutely right.

 I have mentioned the collector car "numbers matching" craze I witnessed some years back. Some of the people doing re-stamps would

 screw up by grinding the old off, then trying to mimic the look of sand casting which is almost impossible to do. Then on top of it they

 would re-stamp "too perfectly" making it worse.

 These numbers and letters were stamped by a production worker or machinist, standing in a line doing this time after time all day long.

 The worked didnt care about perfection, these were just stampings to identify parts during assembly. Nobody back then thought it

 would matter in the least to the value of a part 60 years down the road.

 Real numbers were stamped by a person that didnt care and probably had less than 3 minutes to do it in. Some letters may be upside down, some may not have been struck square, or possibly not hard enough the first swing. Those would have been re-struck, and if they were not exactly one on top of the other- who cared as long as they could be read. If the 3/16 stamp wore out, a 1/4 inch stamp would still do. Some stations may have had a "period", some might not have. The day shift guy might have used the period, but the second shift guy might have skipped it.

 The ones to watch out for are the polished cases (all sand casting marks removed from entire case or worse just were stamps go) and perfect stamps that dont match the actual working environment of the day.


Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: Viking on 26.03. 2017 21:05
It do not matter.
Today you change to a complet new cluster.
So leave the old or incorrect letters alone and rebuild...
Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: kiwipom on 26.03. 2017 23:21
Yeah that's the way to go, everything new, cheers
Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: Klaus on 27.03. 2017 07:27
The Nova clusters are realy good for a racing upgrade *smile*
I ve converted two gearboxes with this. It s a bit tricky with assembling and shiming, but they work well with the needle bearings are the same as RRT2.

Not to compare with the TTI 6 or 5 speed boxes.
This is a complete new desing by shifting gears with a drum, exactly short ways.
With the choice of a short or long first gear. My opinion  the short is better hence ascelleration by start.  I havent the short one *sad2*

But its double the price *eek*

cheers Klaus
Title: Re: RRT Gearbox
Post by: muskrat on 28.03. 2017 10:03
So you tell the wife it's only 335 quid and as your turning away, "mutter per gear".