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Title: Dynamo alternative
Post by: RoyC on 04.04. 2017 06:59
As the rest of the engine looks better and better , the dynamo looks worse and worse.  *sad2*
It will have to go.
As I am going over to 12v, is there a better alternative to the under performing / out dated dynamo ?
If there is, who sells it ?
Just found this, Would any of these do the job better ?
Title: Re: Dynamo alternative
Post by: JulianS on 04.04. 2017 09:11
There are quite a few posts on this forum concerning the Alton - just put Alton in the search box and select entire forum to bring them up.

I considered one a while back but stuck to the E3L on 12 volts as it was and still is working fine.
Title: Re: Dynamo alternative
Post by: duTch on 04.04. 2017 10:33

 can't help, but just noticed this is in the fuel section- might need to move it ...??
Title: Re: Dynamo alternative
Post by: Black Sheep on 18.04. 2017 07:08
The Lucas E3L isn't a bad dynamo. With a clean commutator and free-moving brushes it produces a pretty reasonable output. If you ensure that you have decent earthing - a separate earth wire from your lights to the battery - the lighting is perfectly adequate for night riding. The one mod I have made is to use an LED stop/tail light. It stops any headlight dimming as you slow and brake for a corner.
Check out your dynamo. It's a lot cheaper than going the Alton route.