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Title: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: LJ. on 01.06. 2009 23:07
Mine busted and came off last Saturday, no damage internally, so was I lucky? Can this chain cause an engine disaster? I put a brand new one on today and sod me the conecting link of that one came undone and chain came off, luckily the engine was just ticking over, but its left me nervous. I'm wondering if the new one should be a continuous chain with no conecting link. What do you think?
Title: Re: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: trevinoz on 01.06. 2009 23:17
LJ, without insulting your intelligence, did you fit the connecting link the correct way? I had the same problem many years ago and it was my fault as I had fitted the link incorrectly.
The original chains didn't have a connecting link, so I guess you could make one the same.
I run chains with connecting links and have no problems.
Title: Re: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: snowbeard on 01.06. 2009 23:31
does the generator turn freely enough? might be binding under the load of the running engine? 

I always look for the cause as well as the solution, but you're more familiar with the causes around these bikes than I!! ;)
Title: Re: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: groily on 02.06. 2009 00:06
The one I replaced with a belt was endless. For the price of the sprockets and chain I'd have thought a belt and pulleys might be a good option? I'm happy with mine, after some teething trouble, and the belts are 'fit and forget'. Until they break, I suppose, but even then, they're made of soft stuff  . . . .
Title: Re: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: LJ. on 02.06. 2009 08:33
I'm sure I have the link connected the correct way... Thats if I am correct in saying that the larger cog revolves anti/counter clockwise. I'm hoping that the spring steel clip was not seated into the groove of link as fitting it my fingers were very greasy. Will have to keep an eye on things and hover the clutch lever for when/if it goes again. I even ran the engine without timing cover to check that the chain ran squarely between cog wheels, didn't know that could be so messy with oil being spat out! Fingers Crossed!
Title: Re: Dynamo/Generator Chain.
Post by: A10Boy on 03.06. 2009 20:23
They should definitely be endless. I've just replaced mine with a Reynolds chain about 13 Quid from C&D Autos. The old one was endless to.

I never really trust those spring clips, next time I fit a primary I will have an endless made up.