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Title: Shock oil leak
Post by: TT John on 30.04. 2017 13:43
Well I thought my rocker box gaskets had let me down as I had oil round the back of the cylinder head on the off side just above the carb, I then spotted oil at the front of the engine that side, I thought this is not on , then I found a load around the front wheel. So it was not the copper gaskets at fault but a leaking fork seal and the oil was blowing back onto the engine giving me a false impression. I have now changed both seals in the forks, hopefully that will be the end of this little saga.

Regards TTJohn *smile*
Title: Re: Shock oil leak
Post by: muskrat on 30.04. 2017 21:07
G'day TT.
Yep a little oil goes a long way. Had the same on my plunger a few years back.