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Title: Just wondering ??
Post by: Topdad on 06.06. 2017 14:37
Hi  Gents it's becoming clear that the only sane people left on this planet are us lot and perhaps all motorcyclists world wide . Simply enjoying our bikes and with smiles on our gobs a mile wide ( well poss not HARLEY RIDERS ) No chance us being radicalised  we're to busy enjoying ,fettling restoring our pride and joys ,perhaps that should be pointed out next time next time the press have ago at Bikers!

By the way please believe the above is NOT in any shape or form  meant to detract from the seriousness of the terrorists attacks in London ,manchester and now melbourne nor my loathing of the basta*ds who carried these terrible acts and caused  so much  suffering to the victims and there families and to whom I send my heartfelt prayers ,merely an observation on the state the world as come to and the normality I only seem to be able to find outside my family when either being on the forum or tinkering with the bike.
Title: Re: Just wondering ??
Post by: Butch (cb) on 06.06. 2017 14:57
Well indeed, putting aside any ongoing unpleasantness – I can say that as an HD owner the bike does not have me smiling too broadly at the moment. I’ve made the classic mistake of swapping out too many things all at once whilst trying to fix a misfire on one pot and now it’s all so much worserer. Doh.

Anyway, hopefully once we’ve all had the pleasure of exercising our democratic right here in the UK later this week the wonk will be removed from the earth’s axis. Maybe. Or maybe not.
Title: Re: Just wondering ??
Post by: Greybeard on 06.06. 2017 15:41
I started to try and put my thoughts in a post but gave up as I'm not literate enough to express myself properly and anyway this forum is not for political discussions.
Title: Re: Just wondering ??
Post by: Greybeard on 06.06. 2017 15:44
IRA bombings in UK 1993: (
Title: Re: Just wondering ??
Post by: BSARGS650 on 06.06. 2017 16:44
Mmmm...What?  Us Harley riders are a very pleasant bunch indeed, no need to bite the head off a live chicken anymore, a pork pie and a pint will do....As a last of the carb. Sportsters I own, several old BSA's and a Matchless G3L, as a doddery old pensioner I have great fun and I have found anyone on two wheels who can dodge those 4 wheelers a friendly lot.......

Kind regards to all.....
Title: Re: Just wondering ??
Post by: Black Sheep on 06.06. 2017 18:17
If you want to find somewhere with a really good cafe just ask any group of bikers.
Slightly disturbingly, twice in the last few months I got a lot of grief and abuse from horse riders. Just keeping well clear and slowing to walking pace as I have done for close on 50 years no longer seems good enough. Has there been a  bit of anti-bike stirring in Jemima's Pony Monthly? It's not as though I'm  a complete stranger to pottering along the highway on a 1 horse power steed. All a bit disconcerting.