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Title: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Billybream on 18.06. 2017 09:46
Shopped about for insurance and just got a good deal from Carol Nash.
£110.00 for fully comp. with legal cover and breakdown and recovery.
All paper work via post and free offer on DNA.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: scotty on 18.06. 2017 16:08
I'm not wise in the ways of mc insurance where you live but that price sounds pretty reasonable

Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Greybeard on 18.06. 2017 16:16

Not knowing what DNA was short for I searched for keywords 'insurance' & 'DNA' and came up with this page.

Looks like folks have had problems with DNA insurance.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Zander on 18.06. 2017 16:26
I could be wrong, but does it refer to the free Datatag security marking?
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Bsareg on 18.06. 2017 17:41
Carole Nash's dna is a small bottle  of " smart water " that you dot on your bike and will identify it to the police.  Very useful.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Butch (cb) on 19.06. 2017 12:37
Carole Nash's dna is a small bottle  of " smart water " that you dot on your bike and will identify it to the police.  Very useful.

But they only give you one even if you are paying a goodly chunk more for a multi bike policy.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: bikerbob on 19.06. 2017 15:27
I can recommend Peter James for insurance I have 2 bikes a 1956 A7 and a 1963 A65 the cost for both bikes is £89.30 that includes fully comp, legal cover and breakdown cover when I only had 1 bike and then got the A7 they increased the total insurance cost by only £15 to cover both bikes. I have used their breakdown cover once and they arrived in about 40 minutes and apologised for the delay, saying the they found the industrial estate that I was on but because of road works they had to go back and come in from a different direction.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Billybream on 19.06. 2017 15:39
Hi Bikerbob.
I was with Peter James and paid £105.00, but renewal was £112.00 so hence switch to Carol Nash
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Greybeard on 19.06. 2017 15:45
When we moved to Royal Leamington Spa from Great Malvern three years ago our car insurance premium went up considerably. I believe the reason for this is that we have a CV postcode, which is derived from Coventry post area. Despite being 8 miles from Coventry I think its dodgy reputation affects all our motor insurance premiums!  *sad2*
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Angus on 19.06. 2017 17:48
Every year I get quotes from carol nash and footman james as the supposed specialist in the market with supposed special deals for club membership. If they came close I would consider them as the clubs get a commission from sales. But up until last year they would not insure my son Luke (under 25) and this year their quoted premium was double what I got else where and all those 'Special' things like break down agreed European cover I got those too. So I am very disappointed with the big boys. I am not very loyal and am with  Peter James this year £330, a bit dear but includes 3 bikes with all the extras and Luke.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: ellis on 19.06. 2017 19:24
Carole Nash for me, 2009 1800 Goldwing, 1975 Norton Commando, 1960 A10 all in including breakdown recovery in UK and Europe £263. I think that's really good value for a 71 year old.

Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: coater87 on 21.06. 2017 23:08
 Say something terrible happens to your bike, it is completely destroyed. Maybe a train falls on it.

 How does insurance work over there?

 Here, they will basically try and tell you your bike has zero value (or little value) because it so old and pay you a couple pennies for a dollar of value. Or worse, tell you your 1936 UL Harley is worth exactly the same as a 1997 Honda whatever- they are both motorcycles and both over 20 years old. Must be the same thing....

 We have places like Hagarty's, its an "agreed on value" insurance. You and they agree on a value of the vehicle, then you pay premiums based on that. If they say your bike is worth 50K, and you think 60K is more like it, you can bump up the value and pay premiums for 60K and they will cover.

 I guess there are some limitations, miles per year, not a business vehicle, you promise not to park it near a big soccer match, etc.

 Do you guys have anything like that over there?


Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Zander on 22.06. 2017 07:30
My two-pennorth;  Two different brokers (maybe more) offer cover underwritten by the same company.
One policy states that in the event of your pride and joy being written off, you will be paid out at market or an Agreed Value depending upon what you've stipulated when you took out the policy, in addition to which you will be allowed to retain the salvage.  After all, the bike is yours.
The other policy  is as above BUT, after the payout, THEY will take ownership of the bike but you will be offered the opportunity to BUY back the salvage.  Remember BOTH policies are with the SAME underwriter.  Naturally, I asked the question as to how that can be, and the answer was "its just the way it is"
Personally, at renewal time I find bike and every other necessary insurance aggravating and it's very tempting to just renew and take the pain.  Of course, I always attempt to improve the deal sometimes with success, and sometimes its a "take it or leave it" situation.  Insurance for my Honda CB500 is up for renewal, and I find theres a 10GBP  "renewal fee" stuck on the end of it!
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: terryg on 22.06. 2017 09:20
I used Peter James a couple of years ago, when the premium for 3 A10s to be ridden either by me or my two sons (around 30 years old) and including European breakdown cover was just £170 comp and unlimited mileage.
At the time I thought that to be a bargain.
When I requested a classic car quote their offer was way too high.
I still struggle to rationalise the insurance business and, like many, put in the effort to shop around. It's invariably worth doing.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: dave55 on 22.06. 2017 11:20
I have been with Carole Nash about 15yr and stil shop and get quotes but can not find any other to match as yet. once tried their 6 wheel policy but I have to say they failed miserably on that one .....quoted took my premium and then 6weeks later sent letter cancelling policy as they don't insure commercial vehicles , its a transit van used as a private  car /camper for gawds sake .
They refunded money in full and gave a discount to new policy for bike which was Suzuki 1400, now I have the A10 they have set up a Classic policy on that and added my Suzuki to that plus my little Bantam all for under 200 quid including breakdown cover so im  not complaining as its not far off what I was paying just for the Suzy
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Butch (cb) on 22.06. 2017 13:07
Hmmmmm - I'm paying over £400 with Carole Gnash. That covers 10 bikes, mostly old but with the inclusion of a modern, a ZRX1200R, which I presume might inflate it. I'm not a young man, and not yet so old as to be considered an outright liability.

With car insurance I shop around, with the bikes it's hard to find the enthusiasm for going through that many details.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: BSARGS650 on 22.06. 2017 16:24
Banks/Financial/Insurance once respected are nothing but legalised mafia full of corruption, greed and a law unto themselves.......

I had a 5% discount insurance voucher as a member of a certain club, went through the quotation process, only at the end did I mention I was entitled to the discount did they say they had already taken it into consideration - did they see me holding my voucher down the telephone line?

Two years ago someone reversed into the side my car causing nearly a £1,000 damage - I was not in even in the car at the time.  The person admitted fault and insurance details exchanged and I claimed from that person's insurance company.  One is required to inform one's insurance company, even for no-blame accident.  Despite being not to blame, insurance companies may put up the next renewal cost - not well known fact, only learned about through this experience.

All he best...
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Zander on 22.06. 2017 16:44
You have to be absolutely sure you've dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's BEFORE you accept the policy, as cancellation fees are, in most cases, prohibitive, not to say unjust and bloody infuriating👹
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: dave55 on 22.06. 2017 21:44
Your right there Zander, 5yr ago I took out a policy with a company( no names but its a bird like a Swallow  ) for my car , Fully comp, Fella says and what do you want to insure as ? Social Domestic and pleasure I says............I read an article on insurers 6mth later and checked my policy wording and sure enough because I had NOT said the word COMMUTING I was not covered for going to and from work ! Rang up and queried it and no I would not have been insured if I had a bump but they don't tell you they have changed things and you must ask for every thing..........and yes your right to have it added on price went up for the last 6mths but they did not get any more business . Check Your Policy Now !!!
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: PaulC on 23.06. 2017 12:00
Most insurers cover the following options:
1. Social domestic and pleasure (SDC)
2. SDC and commuting to a SINGLE PERMANENT place of work
3. Business use, which covers 1 and 2 above plus commuting to different places of work and/or visiting clients etc. (even accepting an invitation from a customer to a social event!)

Good point about reading the policy. This of course applies to EVERYTHING! Mortgage, other loans, holiday bookings, hotels, phone, broadband...I could go on.

Most of us just tick 'yes' to confirm that we have read and understood the terms and conditions. This is usually because they are several pages long and in small print! Insurance must come with a "key facts" document which is compulsory reading even if you don't read the whole policy.

Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: nimrod650 on 22.07. 2017 20:27
i have been with saga for a few years but received a letter saying no longer do motorcycle insurance passed your details to bennets
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Topdad on 24.07. 2017 14:23
I'm certainly not saying Insurance companies are whiter than white, far from it ! but sometimes people don't do themselves any favours . I write protection policies to cover mortgage amounts and I have had people blatantly lie to me about there weight , beer consumption and being non smokers . We just point out to them that the policy won't payout so why waste good money on a fabrication so I have no doubt  that a lot of riders do try it on.
Title: Re: Carol Nash insurance
Post by: Topdad on 25.07. 2017 10:51
Sorry got distracted by work interfering so didn't finish my prev post . What I was heading to is the fact that some people will be a little conservative with the truth and when dealing online /by phone the people at the other end don't give advice/dig for more info, they just read scripts prepared by slimmey legal eagles to allow them max sales/ least exposure to compliants ,coupled with real customer dissatisfaction at ins companies.