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Title: Belt drive on sportster
Post by: coater87 on 31.07. 2017 01:21
 I took a buddies 1962 Sportster for a ride. He had just installed a belt primary on the bike.

 First time I drove his bike and didn't get oil all over my leg. A lot quieter too.

 2400.00 dollars, said he could not justify the expensive one. *eek*

 Kicker still sucks, damn near hyperextended my knee on the  thing. You engage it, and part way through the kick it disengages and completely free wheels. Not every time, just when it wants too.

 And of course I got asked when I was going to stop fooling around and restore a real bike *rant*

 Really impressed with that belt drive stuff. No oil, no open primary, and quiet too.