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Title: Stop switch
Post by: Mosin on 16.06. 2009 15:36
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Something else which has just occured to me...

I am about ready to give my new pride and joy a good kick and see if she will fire up, but there does not appear to be any sort of a kill switch fitted anywhere. Assuming that she does actually start, is there a recommended proceude for stopping the engine, or do I just turn off the petrol and wait for it to run dry?

Title: Re: Stop switch
Post by: a10gf on 16.06. 2009 17:39
Look at your magneto points cover, nothing there to connect an earthing cable ? (or on older models, no push button to short the points plate center bolt ?)
Title: Re: Stop switch
Post by: RichardL on 16.06. 2009 18:30

You need to be prepared for runaway RPM, no oil return, or bad sounds, so waiting for the float bowl to go dry is no good, if you are in a hurry, you couls hook a clip wire to the point center post and have it at the ready to touch to earthn like the primary case.

Be sure to have the oil cap off so you can observe return.

Let us know how it goes.

Richard L.

Title: Re: Stop switch
Post by: dpaddock on 16.06. 2009 20:43
As stated, fit a grounding cover to the magneto and a button switch on the bars. Don't leave home without it.

For emergencies, put a hand over the carb inlet (assuming no air filter) or pull the HT leads from the spark plugs.

Title: Re: Stop switch
Post by: rocket man on 16.06. 2009 20:53
pull the leads from the sparkplugs prepaire
for a shock they do contain  electric current
Title: Re: Stop switch
Post by: RichardL on 16.06. 2009 22:07
Yes, thank you for not mentioning that the centerpost would be spinning like a dervish, making it a little difficult to keep the clip lead I suggested in place.

I had also thought about tying a couple of lightweight cords (like nylon) aruond the plug caps to pull them off, if need be, without getting shocked.

Richard L.

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