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Title: Australian brew
Post by: jachenbach on 09.09. 2017 02:44
The local beer and tobacco store has Sheaf Stout! Just had a bottle with dinner, the first in many years, and it's just as good as I remember. Somehow made me think of Muskie and Rocket Racer. Well New Zealand is a lot closer to Australia than Idaho is!
I've been told Guiness is good when in Ireland, but here in the USA it doesn't come close to the Aussie stuff.
Title: Re: Australian brew
Post by: Greybeard on 09.09. 2017 18:43

I've been told Guiness is good when in Ireland...
Title: Re: Australian brew
Post by: muskrat on 09.09. 2017 21:33
I'll have to have a refresher. Last time was as a kid nicking one from the old man's stash.
I've had to change my favourite flavour recently. Been drinking Reschs all my life but now have to drink low carb Hahn Superdry as I'm now diabetic. The Sheaf might take a day or two to drink (yeah right).
Title: Re: Australian brew
Post by: cyclobutch on 11.09. 2017 11:49
Had me thinking of Sweetheart Stout that I encountered when cycling in the Outer Hebrides a couple of years back. At 2% alcohol content I believe it was the go-to beer for underage drinkers still trying to develop a liking for beer.
Title: Re: Australian brew
Post by: Topdad on 11.09. 2017 16:44
Guiness in Ireland is pure nectar  *beer* when I worked over there in 1976 for 14 weeks we developed a great liking for it ,according to Sue I went there weighing 12 stone and came back 13 and a half stone ,all guiness  *whistle* oh and the odd steak.
When we did the brewery show the old guy who served the black stuff at the end  said to me "I don't know what the f**k you lot do to it in England but its not the same beer as I make !!  " Strangely a group of Aussie students were in the same show and DIDN'T want there stout so we helped 'em out ,as you would !
Title: Re: Australian brew
Post by: olev on 12.09. 2017 06:00
Great Guinness and Ireland don't necessarily go together.
Me and the missus were in Dublin in about 2004 and dived into a pub to get out of the rain.
The fact we were the only people in there should have told me something.
I drink a lot of Guinness but I couldn't finish this. Maybe he didn't like me and pi$$ed in it.
He probably hadn't cleaned his lines since St Patrick was there.
Should have done Ireland a favour and burned the joint down.

best aussie Guinness:    Shamrock hotel - Echuca on the Murray.