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Title: Rupert Ratio books,, missed investment opportunity or pending reprinting?
Post by: Sluggo on 12.10. 2017 10:54
I just sent this to a webpage connected to and asking about reprinting of the books....


" Advising a local guy who wants to take on a Unit BSA single project he should invest in some of the Rupert Ratio books.  I have an older copy and myself was looking to get the updated versions as well as vol 2 & 3.

Was shocked when I looked on Amazon and saw some punters were asking $599 for copies.  I did finally find one at $144 US dollars.   (Is this because of Trump??)  But i was a bit aghast at this development.   This reminds me of another really great author who I respect and admire.  David Gaylin and his Triumph restoration guide.
For a while copies were out of print and I believe there was a dispute of some sort with the publishing house or something?? As a result similar graft and filthy lucre was being demanded on ebay and amazon and copies of his book were $250 to 800 dollars..  Finally he come out with a new version and is selling them on ebay direct.  (He autographed my new version)  Also the price is very reasonable again.  $35 plus shipping or there abouts.

I see something about printing the Rupert books once again, Is that accurate and if so are you going to be selling thru the website or is there another distributor?
Please advise if this will be a limited printing as I will invest in extra copies, but at the minimum I have a bunch of BSA projects I wish to downsize and besides supplying copies of factory parts books and manuals as well as service bulletins I want to direct future buyers on these bikes to ALSO purchase the ratio books.

Thank you in advance, "

Does any of you UK members have contact with this guy???  Seems he is well established in the UK BSAOC and perhaps you know of a better way to reach him.
If In fact that the books will NOT be reprinted,, what a loss. They are excellent resources and I would think at the prices currently asked on Amazon some Chinese copyright pirates will start printing knock offs toot sweet and flood the market.

Amazon graft and greed, rampant speculators and harbinger of market crash?

3 used copies at $599.00 and 1 at $ 2796.00   Man,,, maybe I should sell my copy?
Title: Re: Rupert Ratio books,, missed investment opportunity or pending reprinting?
Post by: beesa71 on 12.10. 2017 12:42
The publisher usually has a stall at the Stafford Classic Bike Show(s), one of which is this weekend so if he's there I'll ask etc. I usually buy a couple each time to pass on to friends, if they are available do you want some?

Dave Smith (aka Rupert) is sometimes there too so I'll look out for him.

B40GB man is a friend of Dave's. Seems to be making a business now, not sure if he's registered on Ebay as such yet.

Regards to all A7 and A10'ers.

Title: Re: Rupert Ratio books,, missed investment opportunity or pending reprinting?
Post by: tommo903 on 12.10. 2017 15:08
Whereabouts is he usually sited at Stafford Paul, I'm there all weekend and will pay him a visit.

Thanks, Steve
Title: Re: Rupert Ratio books,, missed investment opportunity or pending reprinting?
Post by: Sluggo on 13.10. 2017 19:51
Thank you for the offer,, But I was surprised and pleased that I got a prompt reply (many websites dont and often it takes forever for any response)  But I am pleased that crisis averted, and appears the ratio empire is alive and well and poised to strike with new editions coming back onto the market.  Ill order the other volumes shortly as well as direct my local guy who is buying a project BSA unit single from me to them.

BUT,,, I COULD use a favor at Stafford.  I have a 1947 Famous James 98cc Villiers as well as a later and larger Villiers single and I dont have a comprehensive wish list for parts,,,,,,(Shame on me, need to get that done)
But if its not too much trouble please collect any contact info for sellers of Villiers bits for me.

Here is the very nice reply from that B40 website...

" Hi Doug
Thanks for your email re Dave Smith’s books
Volume 2 is currently still available for immediate dispatch either through my website and Ratio Publishing ( Ratio ) we are always happy to quote for shipping worldwide ( £22.95 + shipping)
It’s outrageous the prices some people are charging

Re Volume 1 will be available in a few weeks - price £20.00 + Shipping

Re Volume 3 the plan is to reprint in January 2018 - price to be confirmed

If you want to pre order any that’s great, just let me or Lisa at Ratio Publishing (cc’d) know and I am sure we can get copies out to you
Best wishes