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Title: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: a101960 on 13.10. 2017 14:41
Just bought this little paper back book. (also available on Kindle) but there are some books that I prefer to have as hard copy, and this is one of them. It is not an epic read, but none the less it is an interesting read about a very famous motorcycle.
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: duTch on 13.10. 2017 15:20

 I may be well off track, but I think a Buddy Holly Ariel came up for auction a couple of years ago... I think it was given to Waylon Jennings' for some reason- and was being sold from his estate....there was also something about Waylon gave up his seat for Buddy on the ill-fated flight *dunno*
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: Sluggo on 13.10. 2017 19:39
Theres tons of pictures as well as a story about how they ended up with those bikes, I dont recall all the details but I think the band, flush with cash from first record or first tour went to a HD dealer?  Were treated rudely so went on to another dealership.  Seems to me the other guys bought triumphs or BSA and Buddy Holly went with the Ariel or some such.

But the pictures are all over the net and so is the story.   

I met a local guy years back trying to sell  a customized Triumph,, nobody would give him the time of day. I wish I would have recorded it and did a better job and took good photos.  But he worked in Music business and merchandise. On a tour the merch is where the band makes its money. Tshirts, programs, souvenirs.
And this guy did a LOT of tours with some famous bands. He also had a collection of old concert T shirts and made some money peddling them.  But the bike came from a long association with Fleetwood Mac,, He was quite graphic about what went on during the tour and most staff were paid in Cocaine.  He turned that stuff down.  But at the end of the tour Stevie Nicks and I think Mick?? Cant recall which male member but called him and knew he was into bikes and asked him to meet them at a local dealership for his opinion on a bike they wanted.  He arrives and they hand him the keys and paperwork and it was a thank you.

In another case, Filmmaker Gus Van Sant lives here in Portland Oregon or did,,, and there was a BSA 441 for sale he owned for some weird reason.  The dealer (Portland MC on SE 82nd Ave) made a huge deal about it, I went and looked.  Just a victor.  But a guy I know who,,,,,,,,,not exactly PC wanted the bike but did not care about the celebrity connection.  When the sales guy went on and on about it Don made some homophobic comments and said first thing he would do is replace the seat and cut off the grips and rest of his comments are not worth repeating.  Sales people and customers were aghast.... It did not end well.

I know the folks at Langlitz Leathers (World famous) and they got in a lot of celebrities....... Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, on and on.  Dave Hansen was mgr for a long time and I went to their garage sale when Dave and his wife sold their house and were moving to a small place at the coast.  Dave has no clue about many celebrities and could not care less.  At the sale he had a Bob Dylan album and it was autographed.  Dave has no idea who Dylan is or could care any less!  Just some hippy singer to him.

So, there was a funny story about the Tommy Lee Jones and Benecio Del Toro film "The hunted"??? I think it was?  Much of it filmed here in Oregon.   So There is a fight scene up in the woods and it was filmed near my house up the Clackamas river gorge.  During the filming of that scene which actually took several days Del Toro still had some of the make up from the fight scene so he looked pretty beat up...
He went shopping at Langlitz as he heard about their leather.  Dave thought he was some bum off the street and tried to run him off. 


I got some other stories like that........Oh,, I heard Billy Bob Thornton liked British bikes, so when they filmed Bandits, it was in Oregon city for some of the bank robbery scenes.  I parked a 69 Bonnie I had for sale I had restored and I made sure it was parked next to the street where they bussed in the stars and crew for each days shooting and it was the 76 station off main and Hwy 99 next to the Entrails saloon.  (End of the Trail Saloon-Terminus of the Oregon Trail pioneer path).  Sadly,, Billy Bob never bought my Triumph.

I know a guy who sold a car to one of the ZZ Top guys,, apparently while on tour they keep an eye out for cool cars for sale and often buy them.  I also have a story about one of the Healey 1000 prototypes and Jay Leno.

Here is a picture of Dave Hansen and the daughter of founder of Langlitz, Ross.  Dave married into the family to Judy.  This is on right after their wedding riding Daves Vincent.
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: BritTwit on 14.10. 2017 01:00
The two Triumphs and the Ariel were purchased from Pete Dalio's dealership in Fort Worth, Texas.  They rode them back to their home in Lubbock, Texas.  Jack Wilson of Bonneville fame, was the top tuner for Dalio at the time.
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: BritTwit on 14.10. 2017 15:06
Correction and apology.
I'm always critical of people who make a statement as fact without facts.  I now find myself at the other end of the barrel.
Dalio's Motorcycle Sales was located at 1509 E Lancaster in Fort Worth.  As shown in the photo, Ray Miller's shop was located at 3600 Davis, St. in Dallas.  Jack Wilson purchased the shop years later and it became Bid D Cycles.

But I do know for a fact that Elvis bought a 78 Trident in 1982 from Big D Cycles that was formerly owned by Steve McQueen.
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: duTch on 14.10. 2017 19:32

..... Elvis bought a 78 Trident in 1982 .......

 Elvis Costello ?...... Presley left the building in (?) '77... *conf*
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: BritTwit on 14.10. 2017 22:20
Come on duTch, everyone knows Elvis is still alive.  That's an Elvis impersonator buried at Graceland.
Title: Re: Buddy Holly's Ariel Cyclone
Post by: coater87 on 15.10. 2017 01:50
 Seeing as we have somehow gone off the road and through the toolies again on a topic...

 I believe that if Buddy Holly had lived, Elvis Presley would be a footnote in history and Graceland would now be a Walmart parking lot.