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Title: log book
Post by: nimrod650 on 30.11. 2017 16:48
is it legal to buy just a v5 in the uk without a frame
Title: Re: log book
Post by: A10 JWO on 30.11. 2017 17:19
It all depends on how you utter it.
There is a thread on this about the ebay V5 for sale. The minute you sign it and post to DVLA you commit an offence by declaring that you are the new owner of the said vehicle. Read Paragraph 8 on any V5 you have at home.
However I have never met anyone who has been prosecuted for this. I don't know if the CPS would consider this to be in the public interest.  If I had a bike with no log book and someone gave me a log book for that model, what would I do ? I would want to ride my bike  *smile*. However if I was that way inclined I would not sell the bike with the log book. I might sell them separate. All hypothetical and depends how sneaky you want to be. The other problem could arise if the bike gets written off and you don't get a chance to hide it from the insurance inspector. Don't lose sleep over it. Regards ( I expect a can of worms )
Title: Re: log book
Post by: Black Sheep on 30.11. 2017 20:47
I have inherited some log books, both old and V5 for various vehicles. The most intriguing is for a desirable motorcycle. I got in touch with the owners club to be able to pass it on. As it turns out they have registered a machine with the same registration and another with the frame and engine numbers in the log book. Hmm. I still have that old buff log book. 
Title: Re: log book
Post by: JulianS on 30.11. 2017 20:54
There are a number of obvious risks - is the V5C still valid or was it replaced by a duplicate - has it been cancelled by DVLA - is there already a bike -  do you really want to forge a bike to match the V5.........................
Title: Re: log book
Post by: Angus on 30.11. 2017 21:38
I have two log books from the buff one through the blue one to the current V5 (on SORN) all in my name and a the receipt  for purchase. I dont have any part of the motorcycles (sold as parts). Now are they worthless or can I pass them onto someone who may want them for an unmatched frame and engine number from a similar year (late 1940's). Or do thay sit in my folder gathering dust.
Title: Re: log book
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.12. 2017 15:06
Angus, I feel that the DVLA are so stretched in this day and age they struggle to do their job, let alone chase people with old log books. There are probably a few quiet people reading this that have honest bikes but with a different frame number to their log book. It is possible that some people haven't even checked. If I had an old log book from a bike I had sold for spares only I would help  someone else keep a bike on the road. Lets face it half the drivers are on their mobile phones or doing over 30 MPH every day of the week and nothing is really done. It is a matter for you to think about. In my thirty years I have never seen a prosecution for these sort of matters.

As for the buff log book that is back registered, I would give it to the current keeper as a gesture. 
Title: Re: log book
Post by: Butch (cb) on 01.12. 2017 16:55
But it does also state on the V5 somewhere that it cannot be considered as proof of ownership, right?
(Though I don't know what else would).
Title: Re: log book
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.12. 2017 17:40
That paragraph was put in for people who bought on Hire Purchase. The buyer had the log book, but it belonged to the finance company until the final payment was made. That is why we do HPI checks.
Title: Re: log book
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.12. 2017 17:56
Just noticed a brand new Featherbed frame on ebay, unstamped. A prime example of a bike NOT wanting a "Q" reg. Waiting for a log book, I would if I had room.
Title: Re: log book
Post by: beesa71 on 01.12. 2017 20:35
You'll note that a UK V5C indicates the 'Keeper' of the vehicle, nothing at all to do with ownership. I 'Keep' lots of vehicles (according to their V5C's) but am not necessarily the owner of them.

Receipts etc might prove ownership should it come down to some need to prove that point.

Title: Re: log book
Post by: chaterlea25 on 01.12. 2017 23:08
i All,
A word of caution,
If you have an accident and the frame numbers are not as on the reg documents your insurance may (will) be invalid *warn*

A while ago I was asked to be a witness when a classic bike that was damaged in a road accident was being examined by the third party's insurance company's assessor (3rd party accepted  liability)
He photographed every detail, tax disc, tyre tread dept , then the frame number and compared it to the reg document
(looking for any excuse to "walk away"  *eek*)