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Title: Bike insurance
Post by: Signboy on 24.02. 2018 22:53
Ok  Guys,
Who's the best uk based bike insurer to cover my A7 classic & two modern Triumphs ?   Carol nash have decided they want another £80 this year ...taking the fun out of this biking mularky these days
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: terryg on 25.02. 2018 06:18
In 2015 I got a very good deal from Peter James insurance. Three bikes, three riders, any rider on any bike, unlimited mileage and European breakdown cover. Maybe worth a call.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: RoyC on 25.02. 2018 06:57
i'm very happy with footman James.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: PaulC on 25.02. 2018 15:09
I use Carole Nash for my modern bikes and Footman James for my classics.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: RogerSB on 25.02. 2018 15:35
The following is virtually a repeat of a comment I put on an agreed value topic at the beginning of the month:-

I'm with Peter James Insurance.  Peter James was originally the other half of Footman James but split away on his own.  Footman James was taken over by Towergate Insurance some time ago but they still trade as Footman James.

I have comprehensive agreed value of £6,500 on 1960 Golden Flash, no mileage restriction, both myself and my wife to ride it, legal and UK and EU breakdown cover, excess of £50.00. It's underwritten by KGM (eek! nearly type KGB again *conf* ). Cost last June for a year was £92.53.

If your valuation is under £10,000 you can do it yourself after filling in a condition form and providing photos.  They then get it approved by their valuer and if the valuer agrees with what you provide they will insure you for that anount.  If over £10,000 you have to get it valued professionally or get an official club valuer to value your BSA. Peter James also allows a discount for BSAOC membership. I found phoning and speaking to them was the better way. (

Edit: This from 2013 but have a read of it: (
Title: Re: Bike insurance update
Post by: Signboy on 14.03. 2018 21:38
Can i just say, ive just cancelled with Carol Nash and have gone with Peter James Insurance upon a recommendation from a member on this site !   also for the following reasons ...
To insure a 2010 triumph bonneville t100, 1995 Triumph 900 t-bird, 1953 BSA 500 Star Twin ...£200 fully comp !

This includes UNLIMITED milage, agreed valuations (they consider my T-Bird a classic !) And the fact my wife can ride all three bikes aswell !
plus many other plus points !!

Carol Nash were originally going to charge me over £360 for the 3 bikes ( they dont consider the T Bird as a classic ! )
3000 miles limited mileage and my better half could only ride the Bonneville

i got through to a friendly telephonist within 3 rings with Peter James,  got through to Carol Nash eventually after 12 minutes
Peter James Insurance has just made this hobby of motorcycling affordable again

Thanks to all on this site
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: Derby Rob on 17.03. 2018 21:24
peter james everytime
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: nimrod650 on 18.03. 2018 18:31
i have been with saga a good few years always happy they have informed me they no longer do bike insurance and passed my details to bennetts
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: Triton Thrasher on 18.03. 2018 20:42

 Unless others are different to mine, there's also about 70ml trapped in the oil-pump cavity that can only drain by removing the cover- unless you do what I did and drill a hole in the bottom rear screw boss (as in pic). I get the front wheel up and wedge the centre stand so it leans the bike a bit to the left and back (need a custom something to catch the oil without running over the header pipe though). I also poke a wire in the scavenge pipe to hold the ball away so it drains too.

Looks like a bad risk to me.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: terryg on 18.03. 2018 21:11
Very pleased to hear that Peter James are still able to offer affordable policies to genuine classic bikers. I may need their services again soon.
Let's hope someone at PJ is aware of this forum and the joy they bring to real enthusiasts.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: A10 JWO on 10.04. 2018 15:57
I will never go near Carol Nash again, hard sell and pushy young lady. Kept beating round the bush. Very expensive. Bye Carol.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: cyclobutch on 11.04. 2018 08:42
Peter James has just come out £100 more than CN for me.
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: A10 JWO on 20.04. 2018 17:10
Just insured mine with Footman James, Euro Cover and clothing, £92 Comp. £50 Excess !  *smile*
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: muskrat on 20.04. 2018 21:48
G'day all.
Just got my Shannons Insurance renewal for the two BSA's. Down here we have Historic Registration for vehicles over 30 years old. Rego is $46 a year with a few restrictions. Insurance for the 51 A7 plunger, fully comprehensive for $8000 is $74/year and the 57 A10 Cafe $13,500 is $96/year. This also includes riding gear, I can repair myself if I get a quote from a registered shop ( *whistle*) and if written off I keep the wreck. An excess of $100.
So I now have 4 bikes on histerical rego and insured for less $$$ than the rHonda used to be on full rego. How does this compare with other countries? 1 AU $ = £0.55 Pound, $0.77 US, €0.62 Euro
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: WozzA on 21.04. 2018 00:51
I'm with Shannons too...  Full comprehensive & agreed value of $12,000 on the 57 for under $100 annually... GREAT VALUE for the money..  *wink2* 
Title: Re: Bike insurance
Post by: duTch on 21.04. 2018 01:05

  Good tho hear a few local values; I don't have any of that, but when mine was parked on last year,  I had to give a value to the assessor and figured about $8k given it looks a bit rough around the edges (and the front, back, sides, top and bottom  *conf*

 I pulled up beside a guy on a Jappo-Hardly Boulevard at the lights a few weeks ago, and he said "I love that bike- I work for Shannons " I said thanks..... *smile*