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Title: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: edboy on 21.03. 2018 18:54
i bought a a10 cylinder head of ebay. the seller used a company called parcel monkey and a courier called dpd. the parcel vanished for a month and appeared with a calling card from dpd but the cylinder was smashed to pieces. what a waste. no phonenumbers to contact . an online robot from parcel monkey to contact the seller.
well the seller didnt smash it up did he.
avoid both of these companies as they get in the way just like all other fraudsters.
Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: terryg on 21.03. 2018 20:22
Hello Eddie
Really sorry to hear about your cylinder head problem.
DPD have been OK in my experience but parcel safety is probably only as good as the care taken to package for shipment. Is there no redress available to you?
Private and commercial shippers vary enormously in their understanding of transport stresses and strains. I bought a cylinder head from the USA and it was barely packaged at all, just a USPS box. Consequently one fin was damaged. Needless to say, I thought myself lucky!
Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: beesa71 on 21.03. 2018 20:39
I am under the impression (as regularly both an Ebay seller and buyer) that the responsibility is with the seller to get the item to you in the condition in which you purchased it. That assumes the seller has determined the delivery service, packed it adequately and securely and, maybe, taken out an appropriate level of 'cover' for the item should anything untoward happen (as it appears to have done).

Then ie now; (assuming the seller has not re-imbursed you already) you should, as I have done previously, submit an Ebay/Paypal claim for the purchase and 'shipping' costs ie a full refund.

Has discussion with the seller not taken place to reach such a conclusion?

I also assume that all correspondance with the seller, throughout the purchase process, has been via the Ebay 'system' - a very good safety net as I have also found (when a highly abusive buyer complained using the Ebay 'system' that, for purchase at 11am on Xmas eve of a very large item requiring unique packaging had not been sent that day. His words cost him a 'ban', his abusive feedback removed and all my costs in sellingcancelling it refunded.)

Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: Rex on 21.03. 2018 21:43
I agree, don't suffer it but apply for a full refund, which Ebay are usually very good at.
Hardly DPD's fault if the idiot didn't pack it properly.
Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: jachenbach on 22.03. 2018 12:39
Several years ago, I shipped an A10 cylinder head from Idaho to New Jersey via USPS. The buyer notified me that a fin was broken. I offered to pay return shipping and reimburse him, or pay for repair at his discretion. It was insured, but I found actually collecting on the insurance was near impossible. Buyer dropped the matter, so hopefully got it repaired at little cost. Our local postmaster told me that automatic sorting machines send packages down a belt and over a four foot drop! After that, I started double boxing fragile items. I carve out styrofoam to fit the part, put it in a box, then place that box in a larger box with bubble wrap between the boxes. Problem solved. A pita to be sure, but these parts can be hard to come by.
Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: edboy on 22.03. 2018 21:04
hanks all for sympathetic voice. i emailed seller but no reply. ebay payed for damaged head but not postage. only because i m a good customer. i cant help but think that the courier should have more responsibility no matter how its packed. even a contact number would be nice rather than online robot. if i could turn back the clock i would collect in person.
Title: Re: destroyed cylinder head
Post by: Butch (cb) on 23.03. 2018 12:19
Whereas, DPD is my favourite courier. I'm never at home and I can always convince them to leave the package in the porch. Some of these have been quite high value items, and I've been fortunate enough not to suffer in this way - ghastly.