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Title: Recent So. California Ride
Post by: rockiii on 01.11. 2006 03:17
Well, I rode the 1961 A10 to meet a Triumph friend here in OC California.
Arrived his house in Orange, CA and had a great ride through the canyon!
Beautiful weather, sunny and cool, wore the leathers, the Davida helmet.
Any locals may know of Cooks corner in the canyon the big stop over for Harleys.  We didn't know but I guess an hour before we arrived was the Gov's (Arnold's the Governator) campagion stop, so the joint was hopping with a hundred Harleys or so, one Ducatti, and one new Triumph Trophey.  All, you know the situation, nice looking $20 - $70k bikes.  My mate was riding 1969 Triumph 500, me on the BSA.  I paid $1,200 for my A10, I don't know what my mate paid.  It is fun of course, but also sad for the others, our bikes gathered the crowds and comments, the expensive Harleys were just way to common.  Our ride was only about 60 miles round trip, but very much a good time!!

Title: Re: Recent So. California Ride
Post by: LJ. on 01.11. 2006 17:42

Hi Glen... I love these stories!  :) I know how they turn out every time. The same situation over here this side of the great pond. I can park up amongst the expensive bikes and I'm guaranteed that mine will get the most looks. 8)  I'm sure all members to the forum will agree and add their two pence worth. ;D

I guess your having better weather than we are having over here at the moment. Bloomin cold out there, it was on with the long johns and on with the fleece flying jacket this morning.
Title: Re: Recent So. California Ride
Post by: a10gf on 01.11. 2006 20:16
Thanks for the story. Same here, the old A10 always attracts lots more interest, admiration and questions when parked along any modern bikes, from over-the-top chrome-and-eagles HD to latest Suzuki sportbikes etc. Nice feeling, does definitely not hurt the pride & joy of ownership, and gives more meaning to the work & expense of keeping it running ;D

Title: Re: Recent So. California Ride
Post by: BrianDallasTX on 12.11. 2006 15:20
Sounds like a nice day to ride.  It is around  45-50 this AM with a high around 65.  Perfect riding weather if you ask me.  We have been going to a local pub on Sunday afternoons.  There are new and old triumphs and scooters there.  Across the street is a Harley hangout.  The keep to themselves and we stay on our side of the street.  Kinda funny.  I am the only one who typically shows on a BSA, and the scooter guys always circle around it, but they lean on Chad's triumph. ;D