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Title: OVM-MC Show & swap meet videos, Oregon Vintage MC, Corvallis May 20 2018
Post by: Sluggo on 22.05. 2018 09:57
Not my videos, but other club members.  Fair disclosure, other than the 1949 BSA twin I mentioned in members chat (Swap meet project bike) There was only ONE BSA Preunit twin in the Bike show
(Late 50s A10 Swing arm-might be Tom S. Road Rocket I heard he just got back on the road again, If it is, nice to see it on the road again. It was dumping serious oil leaving a 2 wheel tuesdays event some years back and we tried to chase him down to warn him)

This first one, is 4:14 by David Ranney, (Nice pix, but I always mute his music he adds, BMW was featured marque so very heavy on the BMWs, but note some of the competition bikes including a sidecar racer, Especially nice is Tom Rs Triumph 1940 Speedtwin and his T100R GP Preunit)


Second one is far more expansive, 13:14 min/sec and by a UK export Mike T, more coverage of swap meet (check out the Ariels) and good coverage of the British bikes. Looks like the A10 is John B and might be his US market RGS but I cant tell, but that guy has a great collection and used to win the BSA trophy at the San Jose Clubmans show most years.   The Norton Manx belongs to a friend of mine down in Southern Oregon and is an amazing bike. Documented win in SE Asian GP race by a Dutchman.  He also had it at the INOA Norton rally in California and I have video of him running it up and down the road.


Mike apparently is bored at his day job for a well known sports and apparel/Shoe company and frequently posts a wide variety of videos, mostly Vincent and Norton. Its great he found a hobby.

**PS** NONE of the BMWs had weapons or refused to wave on the club ride, although I would have liked to see Uncle Blasto display his modified Ural.  He configured his to resemble a WW2 Afrika Korp war machine complete with fake machine gun, Reportedly he was frequently stopped by Police so they could get pictures sitting on it.  He is an engineer by trade and one day took to work to show off a Potato machine gun that fired well.......Potatoes.  Coworkers of course wanted to see it fire and suggested scaring the hell out of another coworker in a nearby cement building.  Turned out the Spuds and machine gun were more powerful than anyone thought and it stitched an array of fist sized holes across the building. Luckily no one was hurt but based on much repeated tales of the event he earned the nickname "Uncle Blasto!".  By all accounts a master of 3 wheeled sidecar craft.
Title: Re: OVM-MC Show & swap meet videos, Oregon Vintage MC, Corvallis May 20 2018
Post by: Sluggo on 22.05. 2018 10:20
You really cant just watch just ONE Youtube video can you????

For more on the US Pacific NW cycle scene here is a 2016 video by a guy I am so proud to know. Thor Drake who owns See See Coffee & MC shop (Whats more PNW than coffee & MC's???)
Featuring "Fairly Honest Dick" of DJ's cycle shoppe, Tom R pushing his 1950 6T, our local free range German
Kenny Bobcat of MotoGalore and many others.  Plus some racing coverage.  Thor & See See Co. also run the PNW DirtQuake USA event  but I am in awe of his skills as Organizer and Circus ringmaster. 
The ONE show started in a abandoned warehouse as a fun party and evolved in to the worlds leader in the next generation of biker enthusiasts. 

Whenever some opinionated codger goes on a rant that "kids today dont care about old machinery!" then show them this video or his other ones.  The spirit is alive and so much cooler than anyone thought.