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Title: Do you swing?
Post by: orabanda on 19.06. 2018 08:43
True story this:

My dear friend Mario (proud owner and fast rider of a 55 A10) just told me a story regarding a meeting whilst re-fuelling earlier today in the West Australian outback; at the gold mining town of Leonora.

He struck up a conversation with two prospectors, who were accompanied by their wives.

One of the prospectors jolted him with the question “do you swing?”

As our Italian stallion struggled to come up with a response, the prospector added “You know, use a metal detector; swing it from side to side”

Phew! Mario and wife jumped into the Lancruiser, wound up the lackey band and shot off.
Title: Re: Do you swing?
Post by: muskrat on 19.06. 2018 10:10
And I thought that's what sidecar passengers did!