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Title: Rear shock absorbers not A10.
Post by: A10 JWO on 21.08. 2018 16:21
Bought a new set with chrome springs advertised for my A65 OIF. I fitted them without checking anything but have now noticed that the fittings are 11 1/2" apart ( centre ). Thought the bike was a bit low on the ground. Done some research and they should be 1" further apart ( at least ). Took one side off and it unscrewed to make it longer, to be honest after all these years ( since the 66 World Cup ) I never noticed that these unscrewed to make them longer. I am not talking about the tension adjustment notches.
Anyway I opened one to 12 1/2" and refitted it by jacking the bike up by the rear frame loop. This worked and I now have 12" probably because the other side is pulling it down. All these measurements were done whilst on the side stand as I have traffic jam in the cave. Am I on the right track please. Regards.
Title: Re: Rear shock absorbers not A10.
Post by: muskrat on 21.08. 2018 21:04
G'day JWO.
What part unscrewed ? I'd be dubious.
Of course it will be working against the other side, need to do both to see a result.
Title: Re: Rear shock absorbers not A10.
Post by: A10 JWO on 22.08. 2018 15:17
Got there Musky and I feel a bit silly. My shocks were at 11 1/2 " on the side stand and 12 1/2" off. The turning comment seemed to be an illusion and is best left. This is the best bit. I jacked the rear loop up and took off a shocker, it was on the lowest setting. I assumed I needed some type of 'C' Spanner to adjust the tension, no chance in my cave. I got two small ball bearings, stuck them in the indentations on the adjustment section with grease and clamped the shocker in the vice by the bearings, I simply spun the shocker round with toggle bar to the highest setting. Job done and not a single mark on my new shockers. Now sits proudly on the side stand. Quite pleased with myself at last.