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Title: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: coater87 on 28.08. 2018 00:14
 Anyone have a Phil Pearson conversion and know what the oil level should be?

 It's a wet clutch, and I think I am running with too little oil in the primary.

 I had adjusted primary tension than went for a ride. When I removed inspection cover to check over the chain I think I smelled burning clutch.  The case didnt seem overly warm but I thought I better find out.

 Thinking about it, I would guess I would not need more than a normal a10, just enough to touch the chain, but I dont like the smell. *conf*

Title: Re: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: LJ. on 28.08. 2018 11:10
Hi Lee,
My first thought is that there is not enough info here... I have no knowledge of conversions, is this an electric start conversion?? Is this a new fitting giving off it's newness smell? Smelling the clutch burning suggests that there is clutch plate slippage or something to do with the conversion  *conf2* . I'd have thought that the oil level screw on the bottom of primary case would have been sufficient to give adequate lubrication, what oil are you using in there? I use 20/50 and have no problems. At the correct level the chain should be just hitting the oil level causing a misting within the case, this in itself should mask any smell. I think you need to look up and refer to Phil Pearsons conversion instructions, hopefully someone else with same conversion should help.
Title: Re: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: coater87 on 29.08. 2018 23:04
 Hi LJ,

 It's a home made version of Phil Pearsons clutch. I would feel a little funny asking Mr. Pearson what oil level he recommends.  ;)

 The reason for the question is 2 fold, one is the smell. The 10w-40 (which suzuki recommended in 1979) I am using is at a BSA level of barely touching the chain.

 When things warm up I have trouble finding second, and upshifting to 1st is crunchy. I believe I am dragging badly.

 The GS550 clutch shared oil with the engine, and that was checked with a dipstick. Basically I am looking for an obvious reason for drag.

 My problem is I have no idea if "just touching the chain" is enough for a GS clutch, or if I have to look elsewhere for the problem.

Title: Re: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: berger on 29.08. 2018 23:12
hello I think you just answered your question -- the clutch runs in oil like the  GS750- so add oil until its a happy bunny *wink2*
Title: Re: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: unclerob on 29.08. 2018 23:42
I've got a Pearson clutch in my A10, will see if I can dig out the instruction sheet but almost certain oil level should be just touching the chain as you say, on my bike its never given the slightest problem...nice and light and never have trouble finding neutral
Title: Re: Primary oil level gs550
Post by: orabanda on 29.08. 2018 23:54
Just fill to the factory oil level. This is what I do for GS Suzuki clutches in my bikes.
I also have a Suzuki clutch converted to belt drive; it runs dry - never drags - sweet gear changes.

Check the hub is running square to the chainwheel (basket), and you have sufficient lift distance.