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Title: Timing
Post by: A10 JWO on 01.09. 2018 14:45
Just picked up a RGS replica built by a dealer who used to advertise in OBM. 1959 all singing RRT 2 gearbox and all the other goodies. It started first time and has only covered 40 miles in four years. I rode it home and had a small issue with the clutch. Now it won't start, I cleaned out the monobloc, primary was blocked. We have a good spark. Clearly the timing has slipped forward.
I only just noticed that the choke lever is not connected to the carb, it is advance and retard. I have never worked on these ignition systems and need some help. My 1954 A10 did not have this. There is a Lucas badge on the new looking mag but cannot read any serial or model numbers. The bike is trying to kick me back, where do I start. Will try to resize the pictures and post some of this stunning machine. Thanks.
Title: Re: Timing
Post by: beezermacc on 01.09. 2018 15:15
sounds like you need to retard the timing with the handlebar lever before kicking the bike. The lever is 'slack advance' so you should move the lever about half its travel, or less, to tighten the cable then try kicking it. If you move the lever too much you'll kill the spark completely. If it won't go after about three or four kicks try it with an open throttle which often works if they're flooded.