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Title: new battery
Post by: Angus on 05.09. 2018 16:32
I take after the country of origin of my name and hate spending money on things that appear expensive for what they are. So I have a friend in the mobility trade and after talking to him I fitted an ES12-6 MK-Battery to the A7 early this year. It has so far been great, in fact it has actually cured the poor lights problems I was having (don’t have a clue why). It has stayed charged fine with a DVR2. So I have today fitted one to the A10 old style regulator and we will see how it performs.
It claims to be a 12 amp hour battery which is marginally more then then the various other batteries that I have purchased and or seen to date and it can be purchased for between £20 and £30 so is about half the price 2 Cylons, with a little more power. It is part of a range that are put into Mobility scouters which can be bounced around quite a bit (like our bikes).
The disadvantage is the dimensions are 151x50x99mm so they are a very tight fit height wise in the battery box. In fact they don’t quite fit as the lid will not close properly, probably about 1-2mm to high but its all under the seat and out of site so I don’t think it has any impact.
I no nothing about electrickery so am I missing something
Title: Re: new battery
Post by: muskrat on 06.09. 2018 21:09
G'day Angus.
It's just an AGM battery. I've been running smaller 4 amp jobs in both my BSA's for years. They hold a charge for much longer than the old lead acid. And if you lay the bike over you won't spill the acid all over it.
Title: Re: new battery
Post by: RDfella on 07.09. 2018 15:44
This is where cheap is good. I find modern batteries far less tolerant of lack of use than the ones made decades ago. Like the battery for my Firestorm - costs a small fortune and only lasts a year. I use 6v lead/acid inside an old black case on my old bikes. I used a sealed 6v of the type you refer to on my DOT bike when it was on the road, but that was non-charging and only for the brake light. Not keen on them otherwise, as I find them a bit fragile, in that they won't tolerate too many amps going in or out. Careful they don't overheat if putting on a charger.
Title: Re: new battery
Post by: muskrat on 08.09. 2018 09:58
G'day RD.
I've never had a problem with an AGM. Are you thinking of a Lithium? They don't like what you describe. Bikes eat them very quickly.
Title: Re: new battery
Post by: RDfella on 08.09. 2018 17:39
No, not lithium. One I have in front of me is Yuasa 6v, 4ah, part no 815-329. Had several and found they fail if you try to put in or draw out more than an amp or two. Shouldn't technically be more than 10% of capacity, so how they'd live on a bike with headlights and charging I have no idea. On my DOT it was total loss, just for the brake light and charged as necessary at about 1/4 amp. They just don't have the plate area that other batteries do - at least that's my theory. Why I always use traditional 'wet' batteries.