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Title: HOW TO USE SEARCH: Please Read!
Post by: Caretaker on 21.07. 2009 22:31
The quality \ speed \ options of it's search was one of the reasons SMF was originally chosen as forum platform.

Word options:

word: magneto
multiple words: points gap
phrase: "magneto points"
phrase + word(s): "points gap" adjust

Search tool options:

1. Basic search (top right of page):
Drop down menu: whatever displayed board \ whatever displayed topic \ entire forum \ forum content on Google.
One can be lucky (with a good choice of words). Or end up with 579 results, if so... narrow things down: add extra search word(s), or move on to #2.

2. Main search (main menu button):
All, by individual member (name), by multiple members (name,name,name) \ all or any words \ sorting of results (size, age) \ post age scope (from-to) \ topic title or entire post \ board choice: single, multiple, all.

3: Own posts (in profile):
All posts \ all topics started \ links to all posted attachments.

Now, if any misspelling in post, 'mangeto', 'gaerbox', that's problematic, think about it when posting, someone may need the clever fix for the 'frintbrake' :O)
And when posting eg. a new magneto topic: "Help" in Introduction & Stories ? or "Magneto bearing trouble" in Lucas ?
Clean, clear topic titles & post contents, best board, helps a lot when it comes to digging things up 7 years later.

Any questions, problems etc, welcome to post here.

Title: Re: HOW TO USE SEARCH: Please Read!
Post by: worntorn on 15.01. 2020 20:49
I find that the search function works really well on this site.
I often end up losing track of time and spending maybe an hour or so reading thru all of the existing material that pops up with a search.
Maybe it works too well!