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Title: USA magneto service?
Post by: jachenbach on 04.10. 2018 14:57
Velo on the road road and about 2500 miles ridden. Norton head should be done this week, so....
I may finally have funds for a magneto overhaul which will, I hope, allow me to finally try to start the A10. Tried several unsuccessful searches here. Any recommendations/experience for a rebuilder in the USA? Only one Google comes up with is Doug's Cycle Barn. 
Title: Re: USA magneto service?
Post by: coater87 on 09.10. 2018 00:00
I know there are many people who do this in the US, I just never made a list.

 Look for ads with guys doing tractor or aviation mags.

 Last guy I talked to did aviation, but there was not enough work to make a living. Said he would gladly wind a lucas, and his price was good.

 They are here, just the call for lucas or Bosch just isn't enough to waste the advertising on.

Title: Re: USA magneto service?
Post by: bl**dydrivers on 09.10. 2018 01:12
Skip Brolund
11418 Girdled Road
Concord Twp
Title: Re: USA magneto service?
Post by: Sluggo on 09.10. 2018 02:00
There is a guy locally who mostly does vintage American Maggies (Splitdorphs and HD, Indian Applications) But he does do some for English mags and a while back he told me he bought up large stocks for parts for Lucas and BTH.  Names Dennis Peterson in Oregon city.  I can vouch he did good on all the work I have sent him over the years.  *if you want his contact info PM

I used to use Warren Wheeler up in Canada (Midwest somewhere) and I would have to look him up to see if he is still doing the service and still firing on all cyls (or shuffled off this mortal coil) But he was highly rated by the North American Matchless & AJS owners club and had prominent placing in all their newsletters.  He had specific requests on HOW to ship to him because of customs and fees, But Over the years I sent a LOT of work to him over 2 decades and he did top notch work,

He would examine it, go over what was needed and then *IF* you agreed, he moved ahead with the repair or overhaul.  Would work with you on a "Rider" or a show bike 100 point type.
Prices, turnaround and quality were all very fair.   I used him for many shop builds as well as recommended him to anyone who asked.

I can look up his info if anyone wants it..**

There was a few others but they seem to have the temerity to die off and very annoying this knowledge is being lost.

I DID meet finally in person Charles Falco after the Cannonball ride, And he is an expert at Maggies,, Doubt he is taking on them for a business but ask Chatterlea25 for contact as he has his personal info and contact info.

Falco has written some books and he autgraphed my BSA Goldstar book, and told me our museum should hire him to come do a class on Maggies which we will explore..

Title: Re: USA magneto service?
Post by: Skipsoldbikes on 09.10. 2018 15:33
Hello jachenbach,

My name is Skip Brolund & I am new to this group. I repair English magnetos & dynamos & specialise in Lucas, BTH, and Miller instruments, but currently have a Magneto France & an American Bosch 4 cylinder mag on the bench in addition to one BTH and about a dozen Lucas bike mags. In addition to rebuilding the magnetos & dynamos, I am a USA distributor for a number of UK vintage motorcycle parts suppliers, and typically have over 200 of said items on Ebay at any given time, but am happy to deal directly with a discount to this group.

One of the unique things that I do in regards to magneto repairs is, I am happy to share my "secrets" with those that want to have a go at their own mag & am happy to supply parts. My advice is free & worth every penny :) !  I only use the Brightspark easycap condensers (capacitors) as they give the end user easy access & I have never had one fail for any of my clients. For those who want to know exactly whats involved, you really cant beat the instructions & photos on the Brightspark website:        I also offer a 3 year warranty on the rebuilds, lifetime warranty if its something I goofed up. I have done work for clients in the USA, Canada, South America, and Malasia. I have sold parts to most countries in the world where English Bikes roam free. Estimates are always free, as is testing.

Happy to answer any questions anyone may have!!

As a side note, and only slightly related, I just acquired a BSA d7 Bantam Super :)
Title: Re: USA magneto service?
Post by: Greybeard on 09.10. 2018 18:36
My name is Skip Brolund...

...As a side note, and only slightly related, I just acquired a BSA d7 Bantam Super :)
Welcome Skip  *wink2*
Do you also have an 'A' series bike? If so will you toddle off to Introductions and give is the shpiel with pictures if possible.