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Title: Calif fires of death & destruction
Post by: Sluggo on 24.11. 2018 03:58
I did a little care package already and sent some more stuff south with a friend, neccisities like 2 spare camping tents we had, some plastic tarps, plastic totes and tubs to keep stuff dry and secure and some food items.  I know some people affected directly and feel their pain, But there are thousands affected..
This guy was one of many who lost nearly everything, Some lost more (Their lives).

Some say the US thanksgiving is that the 1st settlers had managed to make the Journey from the UK
Some say to be thankful no longer in the UK
Some say it celebrates screwing over the Indians-Native Americans

Misanthrope for all!   However maybe its better to just remember every day to be thankful for the blessings we have and remember it could be worse, much worse.

I just got this about another guy in our vintage club,

" Bryon Farnsworth said Paul is staying with a friend. He has his dog and computer. That is all. Over 30 bikes, his home & shop were destroyed.
If you wish to help , Chuck Daly started a Go Fund Me account for him. It is posted on the Hopetown Facebook page and the Pre 1975 Motocross Facebook page.  Or his temporary mailing address is:  73 Temperance, Chico CA 95928     1 530 877 7327

forwarded by Rick Chew
Paul Hunt is in the Trailblazer Hall of Fame. He lost all his personal possessions in the Paradise fire.

Paradise Fire, CA

The following pix are graphic,.
Title: Re: Calif fires of death & destruction
Post by: BigJim on 24.11. 2018 09:46
  *eek* A truly sad sight.  *sad2*
Title: Re: Calif fires of death & destruction
Post by: bsa-bill on 24.11. 2018 10:19
yes very sad, today comms are so fast we get to hear of everything ( we are allowed to ) so fast and so much of it we do get hardened to disasters, until we hear of a personal case, then it hits home I think.
Title: Re: Calif fires of death & destruction
Post by: muskrat on 24.11. 2018 19:12
G'day fellas.
Very shocking to watch on the news. Very saddening when I see individual tragedies like that. Hope he had insurance. I know it doesn't help with the personal heartache but it may put a roof over his head..

Our fire plan is to grab the two PC box's and go. Only if there's time to worry about pictures, bikes and trinkets.