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Title: nuts and bolts
Post by: Dave c on 02.12. 2018 21:42
hi all,clearing up in my shed today and kept moving stuff about and thought why dont i make another bike out of my bits and pieces, started making a list of bits i need , got the frame together, cleaned the threads and holes up then started working out the nuts and bolts required. can anyone recommend where i can get them. i spent a fortune on stainless on last project ,at the time suppliers done engine bolt kits and frame bolt kits  for swinging arm A10 but not plunger, can anyone give me the correct sizes and lengths for studs etc?thanks
Title: Re: nuts and bolts
Post by: muskrat on 03.12. 2018 07:22
G'day Dave.
If you have a parts list with part numbers
There's a few missing but we should be able to work it out.
Title: Re: nuts and bolts
Post by: Steverat on 11.12. 2018 05:37
I find Drags site a useful resource, they have taken the trouble to dimension the major fasteners so you can use them as a guide if you want to put a list together. Also they have quite a bit of stock, though if you try and buy a complete set from them you will likely end up with some in zinc plate and some stainless.

I’m doing a bike which has been held together with lengths of Whitworth screwed rod over the years so I’m in the same boat as you. One odd thing I find is the way BSA seem to match differing bore sizes in the same bolted joint. I posted before and learned that’s because BSA sleeved the joints eg at the top of the saddle pillar, but that doesn’t explain it completely. Like for example the lugs and engine plates for the front have 7/16” holes but the spacer that goes between the lugs is only 3/8”. Drags sell a nice 7/16” bolt for that location but you can spend a long time trying to get that into a 3/8” hole. I ended up boring the spacer out.
Title: Re: nuts and bolts
Post by: Dave c on 12.12. 2018 21:25
thanks for reply steverat,i forgot about the dragonfly catalogue. barleycorn and priory good as well.