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Title: Engine oil capacity
Post by: SimonJones on 25.01. 2019 06:52
Hello everyone. I’m new to the forum. I’ve just put a 1960 A10 engine into an old Ariel frame that previously was running a 350 single. When I first built the bike I made an oil tank out of a japanese stationary engine fuel tank.
The 350 seemed to run fine with it. It holds about 4 English pints (2.5 litres). I’m a bit concerned that this won’t be enough for the A10. What do you guys think?
Anyone know how much I’d gain by fitting an external oil filter??
Many thanks Simon
Title: Re: Engine oil capacity
Post by: duTch on 25.01. 2019 09:23

 G' day Simon - that's (2.5 L) around about what an A10 takes, maybe a bit more than stated depending on the model...I have a Plunger, model with Noturn filter which hold about 200ml and 2.5L  filled up to the oil return hole before I started it after the change..... So you're in the ball park...add some for what's in the extra hoses  (FA)
Title: Re: Engine oil capacity
Post by: Greybeard on 25.01. 2019 09:55
Hi Simon and welcome to the forum. You've found the best place to get information about BSA A series motorbikes.

Please, will you go to 'Introductions, Stories & Pictures' and give us some information about yourself and your motorcycle(s) with photo's, if you have any.