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Title: Number plate retention.
Post by: A10 JWO on 15.02. 2019 17:11
I have a really nice number plate which was allocated at point of registration from new. My current V5C Section 3 ( Special Notes ) does not state that it is NOT transferable. in fact Section 3 is blank.
I would like to put my number on retention and get an age related plate for my little bike. Has anyone done this and what issues may arise, in fact any advice would be nice. It is not on a British bike so I am not destroying history. Thanks.
Title: Re: Number plate retention.
Post by: Roger (Doomtrainbarx) on 28.06. 2020 16:33
If the v5 is in your name you could just apply to retain the number, pay the £80 and see if dvla issues an age related number, or just call them first and ask the question.
Title: Re: Number plate retention.
Post by: beezermacc on 28.06. 2020 17:42
I've just been through this process and retained the registration number '911 ED'. I found that the bike must have been on the road for 5 years or more, It needs to match the V5C, i.e colour, engine and frame number. I tried to do the transfer on line but my online application was rejected and I had to download the paperwork and send it to DVLA. The bike was inspected by a local firm then the application was approved. A new V5 arrived with an age-related number along with a retention certificate for the plate I wanted to keep.