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Title: Bearing Catalogue
Post by: Swarfcut on 13.03. 2019 12:18
Fellow Sufferers..

   Does anyone have an old Glacier Bearing Catalogue, early 1950's or onwards. I have acquired some shells with the box label missing, but in Glacier Livery typical of the 1950's, and pre the AE takeover.

  There are 6 Shells in the set, so look to be main bearing shells for an early 3 bearing car or commercial crank.
  The  shells have two oil holes and a central oilway groove.

  Shells are stamped GS  7689 S  +030. Typical Glacier style.

  Hopefully I can find out what they fit, as it is a shame to just dump them when someone somewhere could make good use.

  My catalogues start in 1986, so are too new for these bearings.