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Title: Selling Advice Please
Post by: BSARGS650 on 15.04. 2019 12:13
Mmmm...getting old and doddery, with each day being closer to death and all that.....On a happy note some advice on selling please.  I have various that I have collected over the years; parts, complete bikes that were reasonable, but stripped with the intention of restoring to perfection.  Time flies, the kids always need something or other even though they are grown up!!!!  Reality is saying that they will never be restored, especially after many years of doing nothing.

There seems to be many options to go about selling with various advantages and disadvantages.  Selling by auction, e.g. Pughes, Ledbury, evil bay with fraudsters and chancers, advertisements in Old Bike Mart?

A possible starter to test the water, I have BB31xxxxx serial number frame, bought many years ago, no log book, already powder coated?  enamelled? in straight excellent condition with the rear footrest (hex fitting brackets) perfectly done.  It has a GoldStar type swinging arm.  The intention being to do a GoldStar look alike with a B31 engine, etc...It is not going to happen, in my dreams only.  What would it be worth?  Best way to sell?  Many thanks for advice in anticipation.
Best regards to all....
Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: Rex on 15.04. 2019 13:25
There's an awful lot of ar*eholes out there, and selling bikes seems to get them active. I can't abide that small ads thing of waiting around for someone to turn up (hopefully!) then the to-ing and fro-ing pantomime we have to go through while they point out the  tank should be a lighter shade than that and the rear light is wrong..etc etc all the while I'm just thinking, "make an offer or effoff as I'm bored now".
At least with Ebay, (classifieds or auction) there's some filtering of potential buyers, and you don't have to wait for someone to turn up for an inspection. Set a reasonable reserve then sit back and wait.
Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: chaterlea25 on 15.04. 2019 20:29
Your frame and swing are will be high demand items  *smile* for those who want a replica "goldie"
The Goldie type swing arms have sold for for circa £350  *eek*
Together with the restored frame I would ask £1000

Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: BSARGS650 on 16.04. 2019 10:25
Thank you both for your response.
Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: Sluggo on 16.04. 2019 20:21
Being in the UK is a bit different than here,, But you do have some great swap meets (Autojumbles) and some enjoy such endeavors.  For some its socializing, A presbyterian minister was once talking about "Fellowship" and basically hanging out with other believers and sharing your faith.  I see club events and swap meets/jumbles much the same.  Some, its the same junk every event they drag out, Others its move it out.

I have been in the boat of doing old cars and bikes as a business, but my problem is I am more of an enthusiast than a business person, so I cant say I was ever very successful with the $$ end of it. (Mrs Sluggo is more forceful in her opinion on that).   However I do find the super aggressive wheeler dealer types super annoying.   I will turn down filthy Lucre from a profiteer to sell to a true enthusiast, as well as I refuse to sell and will interfere with others who will part out a bike (Classics & vintage, I dont care about modern),  Butchers and killers of cool bikes.

Many of us here in the US use Craigslist and not as popular outside here,,  It has its own special form of weirdos, But I often connect with good people buying and selling.  (Just bought a large pile of fence posts for my farm on there, and some parts for my tractor)  You have to employ some skills to filter out the BS.

I used to enjoy selling on ebay and did so for others and businesses as well.  Not as much anymore and I could rant for hours on their current practices both policy and what results occur because of the changed enviro.   However it still kinda-sorta works in a way.  Its still a huge global platform.  One MAJOR change is, not for parts, but for cars-motorcycles-boats and such, Its no longer binding contract to complete a sale, Which creates real problems IMHO.  I found this out when I bought a BSA project bike a few years back.  The seller reneged on the deal as he didnt net as much $$ as he was expecting.  I found out it was a policy change, so IMHO it severely undermines the sites credibility and I see many people just using it to steer a deal or business to off-eBay.  For example,, On your frame,, it would still be a part, so not as much of a problem, but a whole bike is different.
Be advised,, at least here in the US, ebay NOW charges Final value fees not just on the transaction (% of sales price) but they ALSO charge on the shipping costs as a %.  This requires significant changes in strategy. 

Im a packrat, (hoarder) and I cant bear to scrap something useful, so often times I dont care if I made any money on some items, I just want it to go to someone who can use it.  For example I sold a Russian Ural frame and sidecar bits,,  I was correct that some weirdo wanted it and listed it for $19.99 and it did sell. However the shipping, even truck freight was quite expensive.  Guy paid way more in shipping than the purchase price.  I was happy-so was he. Win-Win  But under the current policies,, It would have COST me and left me deep in the red to get rid of it.  (Fees exceed the income)

In other cases, Some simply do not want to be bothered with the whole ordeal.  I have sold stuff for others for a nominal fee, and while I dont seek out such business anymore,, I know those who do, but not in your area but they do exist.  Sometimes its worth it to pay a little to have someone else deal with it.

One last bit of advice, Again, I dont know about the UK, But Paypal has amended their policies on sales. On sales of items, whether off a website, ebay, good buddy deal if you indicate its for a sale, the buyer can opt to ask for a refund/return for ANY reason up to 6 months later.  (including found it cheaper elsewhere) this is distressing as I have minimal cash flow these days and cant absorb an unexpected demand for $$$, So, You will often see people do Friends & family also to avoid paying fees on the transaction.  That is risky, If there IS a legit issue and the seller refuses to make good, you have zero recourse.  But with people you have trust with, its an option. 

Anyrate, thats my take on the whole buying and selling on the internet, I do like to deal with people on forums, whether its a car-tractor-farming or motorcycle forum, its easier to spot the crazies and most are true enthusiasts and I have many internet friends around the world by connecting with them via our interests.
Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: harvey mushman on 16.04. 2019 20:31
Very sage advice Sluggo.  ;)
Title: Re: Selling Advice Please
Post by: BSARGS650 on 23.04. 2019 09:57
Many thanks Sluggo for a most comprehensive evaluation of selling.  Apologies for late acknowledgement.