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Title: Power!
Post by: Greybeard on 20.05. 2019 16:19
Copied from Historic Competition Services on Facebook:

Since you gave the last post of this Bentley so much love, let’s check out the massive 4.5L engine! 🥰🤤
Capable of pushing this car to 222 km/h (or 138 mph), it smashed the top speed record at the Brooklands Racetrack!
Title: Re: Power!
Post by: Greybeard on 20.05. 2019 16:21
Ettore Bugatti once referred to the Bentley as "the world's fastest lorry"
Title: Re: Power!
Post by: Greybeard on 20.05. 2019 18:35
These engines did not have removable cylinder heads. The bores are very long. Four valves per cylinder. Overhead Camshaft.
Title: Re: Power!
Post by: Swarfcut on 20.05. 2019 19:31
   Ettore Buggatti's comment of the lorry reminds me of another urban myth concerning the elites of Italian Automotive Engineering. In the early 1960's a manufacturer of agricultural tractors decided to reward his business success and treated himself to a Ferrari. Alas this otherwise fine vehicle  had a small niggling fault, so the story goes, of a dropped door.  The local dealers were of the opinion that they were all like that, but to the customer, this was not the quality expected of a Ferrari. Over several weeks the fault was escalated up the chain and brought to the attention of the great Enzo himself, who supposedly fobbed off the disappointed customer along the lines of "What does he expect? Let him do better!"

   So the disgruntled customer did just that, using the resources at his disposal, as this tractor manufacturer was none other than Ferrucio Lamborghini. Like I say, an urban myth, but with a lot of truth in there. The rest is history.