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Title: Oil return lines
Post by: Minto on 01.07. 2019 18:13
Just fitted a Norton type oil filter to my plunger A10 but having trouble with  plumbing it in satisfactorily due to a lack of space and worsened by the thickness of the rubber oil hose I’m using. I’m going to try fitting it somewhere different next oil change but for now; I’m wondering if there is any reason to not to use some copper plumbing pipe to create the suitable bends then just use the rubber oil hose to connect it up.
I’ve got some chrome plated copper small bore tubing somewhere in my monkeys nest of a garage (I think it’s 8mm). Does anyone know what size is required if this is a viable option.
When I try to route the rubber oil hose it seems to kink quite badly so will restrict flow.
Thanks oh wise and enlightened ones👍
Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: Greybeard on 01.07. 2019 18:41
I can't add anything useful to my filter fitting write-up.
Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: morris on 01.07. 2019 18:45
Yep, that’s how I did it. For the tight bends I used copper/ nickel 5/16 pipe.
I just flared the ends a bit to give the hose some grip.
Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: Minto on 01.07. 2019 18:49
No indeed GB, it is a very good write up, and I think I’m going to have to rethink my current mounting position for long term use (next oil change) but for now I just want it plumbed in and running. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms after not riding it for a week.
Just need to know whether copper plumbing pipe is suitable for this application.
Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: Minto on 01.07. 2019 18:50
Cheers Morris
Good to know.
Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: duTch on 01.07. 2019 22:51
 Minti, not sure that copper pipe is made in metric size it's probably 5/16" O.D but the pipe will be maybe known as 1/4 or 1/8.....the ID of the pipe will be smaller than the ID of the standard 5/16" hose so may be more restrictive depending on the distance which may build up pressure at the pump return....and may result in build-up on the sump side  *dunno*

 I (think I) used 3/8 elbows ( for 1/4" pipe?)soldered onto the filter in/out with 8mmhose wrangled over the 3/8' copper stubs...
 You'll probably need to isolate it from vibration.
 Nb;  your plumbing may not be as long as mine

Title: Re: Oil return lines
Post by: Minto on 02.07. 2019 01:11
Cheers DuTch
The runs I’ll be using are no more than a few inches and it looks to be at least as big a bore as the pipes to and from the crank cases. Over here for some reason plumbing stuff is all stated as metric, 6,8,10,15 and 22 mm. I thought about trying to get some 10mm of the same then I could compression fit to the filter stubs.
That bike looks fascinating, is there any more pics of it on here?