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Title: Magneto temp.
Post by: RoyC on 21.07. 2019 08:35
Does the magneto body get hot enough to melt plastic ?
I have to make an insulator to insulate my electronic ignition from the magneto.

Forgot to mention, the magneto is not working, brushes removed.
Title: Re: Magneto temp.
Post by: groily on 21.07. 2019 09:19
There's plastic and there's plastic! Bit of a misused word probably.
But no, hard(ish) 'plastics' or whatever the material actually is, won't. Modern (not-bakelite) HT pick-ups don't melt, sliprings don't melt on the inside of the thing, plastic insulators don't melt on the cb unit. A mag body will get hot to the touch, sure, too hot to touch in summer probably, but never seen a meltdown in normal use.!